I realize my timing may be a bit odd now that the foot of snow that blanketed our area a week ago is all but gone. sledding 6 for blogBut that recent storm got us to thinking about where the best public places to go sledding in Hendricks County are. So, we asked that question on our Facebook page and came away with four great options. I hate to even mention it, but I’m willing to bet we will see some more of that white stuff over the coming weeks as we haven’t even reached the peak of the winter season. So, when that next big snowfall occurs, grab a sled or whatever you can find and get out and enjoy it at one of these locations:

Hummel Park, Plainfield

Arguably, the best overall sledding spot in Hendricks County, Hummel’s hill is located on the backside of the park off County Road 700 East (you can’t get there using the main entrance on Center Street) and is steep and wide allowing multiple people to sled at one time. The Hummel Park hill in Plainfield can handle a lot of sledders at once. Probably the best part of this hill compared to some of the others I will describe below is how open the space is there. The only thing you may have to avoid at Hummel is other sledders. Another bonus about this spot is parents who don’t want to get out in the cold can stay in their car and still monitor the activity as the parking lot below provides a good view of the entire hill.

Washington Township Park, Avon

Located near the basketball courts in the upper level of the park, this hill is great for sledding as it is steep and fast. It can be a bit dangerous if you aren’t careful, however, with obstacles like trees and fences. Children, of course, love it for all of the above reasons. This particular hill even created the most reminiscing from some of our Facebook fans who have fond memories of sledding there as children.

Bible Church, Brownsburg

This property has a couple of different spots that are perfect for sledding with the church and its parking lot in between. Sledding hill at the Bible Church of Brownsburg In my most recent visit, I saw a combination of snowboarding and traditional sledding in two different areas on the property. Like Hummel Park, this site is fairly open making it perfect for sledding with no fear of running into obstacles.

Ellis Park, Danville

I’m told this hill on the back side of the park near the Gill Family Aquatic Center used to be better before basketball courts were added to the park in 1996. Still, this hill, which has been a local attraction for years, seems to have plenty going for it. It is steep and the obstacles are minimal. On my recent visit, I noticed that some hay bales were added in front of a tree and a couple of the basketball poles providing sledders with a little protection.