If you're a fan of Court House Grounds or follow any of the happenings in the town of Danville, you probably heard about the brilliant marketing campaign over the summer that included "The British are Coming" as Court House Grounds transitioned to Tina's Traditional Tea Room and Tavern (at Court House Grounds).

As exciting as the news was, if I'm being honest, it was sad to think that the Court House Grounds we know and love would no longer exist. But friends, I have good news. I finally had a chance to stop in and get a firsthand look at Tina's Traditional Tea Room and Tavern recently and I am beyond relieved. All the things you've come to love and expect of Court House Grounds are alive and well, and the changes you'll find are only for the better.

Change can be hard, but this is all good. Hendricks County now has their very own authentically British establishment. 

I got to chat with Bill and Tracy - owners of the former Court House Grounds. They're helping Tina manage the restaurant, as she also has a Carmel location, and they're super excited about what this new Tea Room and Tavern offers Hendricks County and its guests, like business hours on Sunday. Yes, please! 

Here's the rundown...


"The British are Coming" to Danville with Tina's Tearoom and Tavern.You'll definitely want to note the change in business hours. Tina's Tea Room and Tavern is open 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday - Thursday; 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday and 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday.

During the week, this has become the place to go for afternoon tea and scrumptious brunch and lunch items. On Friday and Saturday, you can get the best of both sides of this British gem. Start with a high tea and stay for an authentic dinner and a pint. Maybe they call it an Ale? Hmm... I should probably work on that.

But the best part in my opinion is the Sunday dining option. I know that many families are much like ours and often find Sunday mornings or afternoons the only time we're all together long enough to share a meal.

No matter the day or time, you will enjoy the atmosphere. Casual, but sophisticated. Relaxing, but fun. Traditional, but unique. I must say, these sentiments would also apply to the food and drinks served at Tina's Tea Room and Tavern, but I'll give you some specifics.


You can check out the entire menu and specials here.  The brunch menu offers sandwiches or plates with a variety of organic eggs, English bacon and British bangers. 

I love that their lunch and dinner menu changes. You'll always find a soup, salad, quiche and special of the day. Which means you'll want to stop in often, of course. The lunch menu includes a soup of the day meal that comes with a cheese scone and herb butter. Yum!

You'll also find coronation chicken salad, a variety of authentic finger sandwiches, sausage rolls and Cornish pastry -- a house made pastry packed with ground beef, carrots and potatoes that is served with gravy and peas. 

On Friday and Saturday, the dinner specials also change, but they're always authentic and house made with only the best ingredients. These specials include delicious dishes such as shepard's pie, Tina's Traditional Tea Room and Tavernbangers and mash and other traditional favorites. Of course, you'll also want to ask your friendly server for suggestions on the best imported English pint to accompany your meal.

After your meal, enjoy a variety of scrumptious pastries and desserts offered daily, like London fog cake, sticky toffee pudding and scones. They make everything from scratch, and it is so good.

Tina's always serves traditional British afternoon tea all day, every day.

Special Events and High Tea

Tina's offers a few different high tea options. You can learn more and make a reservation (although it isn't required) here. There's a perfect tea setting and option for every age and group size. 

All high teas include a variety of finger sandwiches, pastries and tea served on beautiful tiered china. You'll also have a knowledgeable server who can walk you through some of the history behind this tradition. Downton Abbey, anyone?

What a great excuse to get your daughter, mother, grandmother or girlfriends together for some simple, yet sophisticated fun.

Tina's Tea Room and Tavern also hosts special events. On Oct. 28, they'll offer a Harry Potter inspired "Hogwarts High Tea" in the dark. You can learn more, get your tickets and keep an eye on other upcoming events by following Tina's Traditional Tea Room and Tavern on Facebook.

So, the British did come and so should you. You'll want to stop in to Tina's Traditional Tea Room and Tavern on the east side of the historic Hendricks County Courthouse Square, 65 S. Washington St., Danville, to taste and see all the authentic, delicious changes they brought with them.