Hiking Sticks Workshop

March 17, 2018

Prime hiking season is just around the corner! Gear up for your adventures by making your very own hiking stick. We’ll supply you with a height-appropriate wooden staff and tools you need to personalize it. Create color changes by whittling away more or less wood; use wood-burning tools to draw unique designs; add leather grips, feathers, beads, and more! Our Park Naturalists will be available to help your hiking stick dream become a reality. RECOMMENDED AGE: 10+; CHILDREN UNDER AGE 16 MUST HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION


  • Venue: McCloud Nature Park
  • Host: McCloud Nature Park
  • Address: 8518 Hughes Rd., North Salem, IN 46165
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Price: $6 per project (up to 2 people per project)
  • Contact: Jeremy Weber - (317) 718-6188
Hiking Sticks Workshop

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