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Hendricks County is a wonderful destination year-round especially if you enjoy the changing of the seasons. Indiana weather isn't always easy to predict, but here is a general overview of what to expect.

Girl drinking lemonade at Splash Island


Summers tend to be the most popular months to travel here.  June, July and August especially can be hot and humid. Make sure to bring appropriate attire and sunscreen while attending some of our most popular events and attractions.


Pumpkins at Beasley

September and October have become popular months for fall festivals as the leaves change and a slight chill greets you at night. Make sure to bring long sleeves, long pants and a light jacket with you as you prepare for some beautiful views and fun activities.


Winter at Historical Museum

December, January and February are typically the coldest months, but can also be beautiful if you are lucky enough to experience a fresh, glistening blanket of snow. A visit to Hendricks County during the holidays can provide plenty to see and do, but make sure to dress in layers and be prepared for cold and sometimes snowy weather.


Spring at Avon Gardens

March, April and May reinvigorate the area as the temperatures rise and potential rain showers help the trees and flowers bloom. So make sure to dress in layers beginning with long sleeves in the morning with clothes underneath that prepare you for warmer weather in the afternoon as you attend a wedding, tour our amazing gardens and nature parks, or if it's May, visit our race track.

Below are the average high and low temperatures by month:

avg temperatures


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