Eric Ivie
Eric Ivie

Eric Ivie is the Assistant Superintendent for Hendricks County Parks & Recreation and Director of Communications for Hendricks County's ABA basketball team, the Indiana Lyons. (He's the one with the shorter nose in the photo.) Eric is an avid sports fan, and he loves being outdoors and exploring new places and things. He is especially partial to the more rural parts of Hendricks County, where wonderful places and people with impressive skills and talents are hidden away, awaiting discovery. Eric is a married father of two and has lived and worked in Hendricks County since 1999.

Local Landmark: Cox's Plant Farm

Spring is the time of year when most homeowners begin working earnestly in their yards, and with spring right around the corner it's time to fertilize, plant, mow and grow. Fortunately, there is a place in Hendricks County, Indiana, where all of your…

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