Erika Brown Photography | Danville, Indiana
Erika Brown

Erika, along with her husband, Austin, make up Erika Brown Photography, a photography company who specializes in providing couples an exceptional wedding photography experience before, during, and after their wedding. While Erika Brown Photography is based in Danville, Indiana, they often photograph weddings in Indianapolis, throughout Indiana, and destinations worldwide. They are humbled and honored to have received multiple features and awards for their work.

5 New Wedding Trends For Your Wedding Day

As wedding photographers, we attend our share of weddings, and through the years, we have seen wedding trends come and go. However, here are 5 trends that I think are here to stay for a while. So, if you are planning your own wedding and looking for…

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5 Tips to Make a Big Impact On Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning can be stressful. Who knew there were so many components that goes into planning one day? Although there are so many details that will compete for your attention, there are five core components that we feel are the most important and…

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Hendricks County Wedding Venue: Lizton Lodge

Hendricks County has a new wedding venue that is unlike anything else in the area. In fact, there may be only one word to describe it: Wow! The new Lizton Lodge, 1392 Wyatt Way, Lizton, Indiana, is a former residence turned wedding and event venue…

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5 Planning Tips for a Fantastic Wedding

Throughout our years as wedding photographers, we have seen a lot. We've seen a lot of beautiful; we've seen some surprises; and we've seen a lot of joy. Even though each day is unique, there are threads of commonality that are woven through each…

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What You Need to Know When Attending a Wedding

Like most people, I'm sure you have been to your share of weddings, but do you really know how to be a great attendee or member of the bridal party at a wedding? Someone who helps the day flow well and takes stress away from the couple? As a wedding…

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