Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you like me and have an impossible time resisting a piece of chocolate or a gummy bear? Whether candy is sweet or tart or even salty or spicy, I’m a fan. Do you remember that famous I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel work on the candy line? That would be one of my dreams! I’d be eating all of the candy and no work would get done. June is National Candy Month! So let’s all celebrate by venturing to some of the best spots to satisfy that sweet tooth in and around Hendricks County. Here are three local candy shops where you can get a taste of candy nostalgia and plenty of flavor: Carla's Creations & Gifts 1. Carla's Creations & Gifts Located on the Hendricks County Courthouse Square in the heart of Downtown Danville, Carla’s has homemade fudge and plenty of old-time candy. This is the place to pick out a candy basket or creation for a friend, family member or just for you. Carla can help you pick out just the right mix of candies and personalize it to your liking. Candy you’ll find in the store: Carla definitely has a variety, including popular Bun Bars (available in vanilla or maple), Clark bars, candy dots, licorice, sours, Whirly pops and more. Don’t forget their fudge! Check their website and Facebook page for photos and more information. Carla’s Creations & Gifts, 59 W. Marion St., Danville, Phone (317) 745-4200. Confection Delights 2. Confection Delights Does a piece of chocolate make your heart sing? You can find almost any kind of chocolate here, and you don't have to leave the Hendricks County Courthouse Square after this candy store recently moved next to the Royal Theater. Pamela Powell-Warden makes traditional gourmet chocolates like cherry cordials, cremes and truffles as well as various creations based upon the time of year. Confection DelightsCandy you’ll find in the store: It’s wedding season, so the popular items now are bride & groom chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels. Don’t forget the chocolate shoes (a great idea for a gift topper), red velvet cake bites and salted caramels. Or you could just be like me and get a little bit of everything. Confection Delights, 57 S. Washington St., Danville, Phone (317) 718-7060. 3. Martinsville Candy Kitchen It’s not in Hendricks County, but like Confection Delights, it is part of the Rural Routes to Main Street Cultural Trail. Martinsville Candy Kitchen is known for their homemade candy canes that you can even watch being made by hand. They have candy canes for almost every holiday. Martinsville Candy Kitchen In fact, you can read about Jennifer’s visit here.  But, keep in mind they are a popular candy store selling divinity, fudge, toffee and other old-fashioned candy delights. There is plenty of candy to be consumed on a visit to the Martinsville Candy Kitchen. Insider’s tip: Call before you go so you can watch the candy canes being made, and make an afternoon of exploring the other stops on the the Rural Routes to Main Street Cultural Trail. Martinsville Candy Kitchen, 46 N. Main St., Martinsville, Phone (765) 342-6390.