What a year it has been! I don't even know how to sum up in words this year's impact on our region, country and world. A global pandemic, social injustice and so much more will forever be etched in our memories when we think back to 2020.

Perhaps MRC Wood Products in Brownsburg said it best with their most popular Christmas tree ornament ever, which is pictured above.

Yes, in many ways, 2020 proved to be a dumpster fire of a year, but as often happens in the midst of struggle, we rose from those ashes in positive ways hopefully changing the way we act and think moving forward.

It was no different for our Hendricks County Insider blog. All the turmoil led us to rethink how we did business. When the pandemic began back in March, we realized we needed to go away from our usual visitor focus to provide help and feel-good stories for our locals.

We wrote more stories geared to our locals including new features such as our Within an Hour series and more locally focused resources such as our What's New category and highlighting to-go, delivery and curb-side pickup options for our stores and restaurants.

We did our best to support all our small businesses but especially our black-owned businesses. We even created a partnership with the Hendricks County ICON to rerun some of their past stories about the people and businesses that make Hendricks County such a great place to live, work and visit.

Below you will find our Top 5 most popular and memorable stories from 2020. You can read or re-read any or all of these stories by clicking on the headlines.

We hope we provided the resources and respite you needed to make it through 2020, and here's hoping for a much better 2021.