If you walk into my house, you likely will smell a candle burning. Between my love for candles and supporting small businesses, I was very excited to find out that the Pittsboro Candle Company was located close by in Pittsboro, Indiana.

I am now a repeat customer and here are 5 reasons why you should be too!

1. You Support Local

When I first walked into the shop, I was greeted by the store owner Jamie Korth. She and her husband Mike opened their store in Fall 2019 but had been selling their products for several years.

They also live in Hendricks County, so they do a lot to support the community such as offering fundraising opportunities for organizations, groups, teams, etc. They help customize these fundraisers so they can find the best fit for any organization.

2. They Use Natural MaterialsPittsboro Candle Company Candles in Three Sizes

They sell all-natural soy candles and waxes, meaning the handcrafted candles are made from soybeans and hand poured. Their candles are also scented with either essential or fragrance oils.  

When I first visited the store, I asked Jamie to point me in the direction of the candle that was the most popular. There are quite a few options that customers love, and they create over 100 different types. 

The first difference I noticed when burning my new candle versus most of the other candles I have purchased, is the candle burned much slower than others. I learned from the Pittsboro Candle Company blog that soybean candle wax is much denser. 

I also loved the smell! 

You can learn more about their candles on their blog by clicking here.

3. They Offer More Than CandlesPittsboro Candle Company Waxes and Smelly Jellies

Pittsboro Candle Company offers customized gift baskets, wax melts, diffusers, room sprays and smelly jellies.

Wondering what a smelly jelly is? It is a hanging air freshener that is perfect for your car. They come in three different sizes and have a large variety of shapes, colors and smells.

My favorite shape is the state of Indiana. They have baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls and other sports shapes that would be a great gift for a teenage driver.

Jamie said they can make personalized shapes, too. A local dentist requests smelly jellies in the shape of a tooth.

The store also has a section of other products created by locals. One of the more popular items is Justin’s Suds handmade soap.

4. They are Affordable

I was pleasantly surprised at the price when I purchased my first candle. My 16-ounce candle cost only $15.99. The candle burned slow, burned very clean and had a great scent so it was well worth the value.

The waxes and candles range from $2-$17.99. Their other products are also very reasonably priced. 

5. They are Easy to Purchase

There are several ways for you to purchase a candle, wax, smelly jelly or any of their other handmade items. You can purchase them from their store in Pittsboro, Big Tuck's Feed store in Pittsboro, Gizmo’s Galleria in Brownsburg or on their website.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone else or a great candle for your house, I definitely suggest you head to the Pittsboro Candle Company. 

About Pittsboro Candle Company

  • Address: 20 E Main St, Pittsboro, IN 46167
  • Phone Number: (317) 892-0189
  • Website