Since moving to Pittsboro, Indiana, a few years ago, my family and I have enjoyed visiting the numerous beautiful, well-kept parks throughout Hendricks County.

Avon Town Hall Park, 6570 E. U.S. 36 in Avon, can be found at the top of my family's list.

My daughters love playing on both playgrounds, and as a runner/walker, I'm fond of the paved trails. But one of the most versatile parks in the county, visitors and residents alike may be surprised by what they find at this 83-acre park.

Let's start with an amenity that no other park offers in Hendricks County.

TRAK 36: Avon's Outdoor RC Race TrackTRAK 36

This compacted, dirt race track, specifically designed for battery-powered RC (radio control) vehicles, is available to the public at no cost. It is open during regular park hours (dusk to dawn) except during the occasional event or race. 

Park officials added TRAK 36 in April 2016 and recently some improvements have been made. It has a new layout, and a driver's stand has been added.

Large amounts of rain or snow cause the track to close at times. The new layout allows for quicker draining which means TRAK 36 can re-open sooner after wet weather. Additional plans include a timing system and a pit area with electrical service. 

Both RC beginners and enthusiasts will enjoy utilizing this track! Even as a spectator, I found it fun to watch the vehicles on the track. The thought of purchasing a RC vehicle even crossed my mind.

You can find TRAK 36 on the east side of the park near the maintenance barn and Rotary Playground. 

Disc Golf CourseDisc golf at Avon Town Hall Park

Very few disc golf courses exist in Hendricks County. Luckily, Avon Town Hall Park offers an 9-hole course throughout its scenic grounds. 

Disc Golf is similar to traditional golf, except players throw a disc/frisbee at a target instead of a hole. This park utilizes metal baskets as targets.

Scorecards, which are located by the first tee, lists distance in feet from the tee to each target, the recreational par and the professional par. Tee signs repeat this information along with the location of the target.

Click here for a map of the course. 

Most disc golf courses are located within parks and recreational areas. The optimal locations for courses combines wooded and open terrains. This describes Avon Town Hall Park "to a tee."

Disc Golf is easily learned and designed for people of all ages. Minimal cost is involved as a professional disc costs less than $15. 

Participating in this recreational activity with family and friends offers fun and exercise at Avon Town Hall Park.

PlaygroundsKids love the Rotary playground!

Avon Town Hall boasts two playgrounds -- North and Rotary playgrounds.

Park officials designed North Playground for children ages 2 to 6. I loved taking my daughters when they both fell into this age range.

One area contains equipment geared toward toddlers with small slides and tubes, limited steps and spaces that are easy to navigate. My youngest mostly enjoyed playing in the mulch underneath the equipment, as there is plenty of safe space for this activity as well!

The rest of the area is designed for pre-schoolers and includes a bigger slide, ladders, monkey bars and a rock climbing wall. If you want to take a quick "hike" with the kids, a trail nearby leads to a wooded area. 

Do your kids enjoy picnics? Picnic tables are perfectly positioned near the toddler area. The entrance for this playground is off Ophelia Drive in the Stratford of Avon neighborhood along the back side of the park. 

Rotary Playground provides endless fun for kids ages 5-12. It boasts a small zip line, climbing walls, swings, slides, ladders and fun walkways connecting the equipment. A shelter house is available to rent nearby with restrooms making it a perfect location for a birthday party or other celebration. 

The closest parking lot is located east of the main entrance. 

Ping Pong Tables & Bocce Ball CourtTest out those Ping Pong skills!

Two regulation Ping Pong (table tennis) tables continue to add to the amenities at Avon Town Hall Park. Located near the Rotary Playground and shelter house, these outdoor tables are quite popular with paddles and balls provided on the west wall of the shelter.

Two to four people can play at each table. First individual/team to reach 11 points wins a game. To win a match, you must win 3 out of 5 games. 

Along the path connecting Avon Town Hall Park to the Kroger shopping area, you can find another amenity: a Bocce Ball court. Equipment is not provided, so you need to bring your own Bocce Ball set.

The court is a sand surface that is smooth and flat. Admittedly, I've never played before and had to look up the basic rules. It seems fairly easy to learn and appropriate for all ages. Bocce Ball sets vary in price but some are inexpensive. 

Walking/Running TrailsAvon Town Hall Park trail

Avon Town Hall Park features some of my favorite trails to enjoy a walk/run with a variety of beautiful landscapes and sites. Throughout the two miles of paved trails, you can view lakes and ponds, wooded areas, prairies and various plants, trees and flowers. Adding a few laps to increase your workout doesn't become tedious at all. 

The smooth and well-kept trails provide enough width to accommodate walkers, runners, bicyclists, strollers and leashed pets. A few trails provide inclines adding an extra boost to your walk/run.

These trails are perfect for a casual walk/run, a more rigorous workout or a quick hike with the little ones.

Your kids may also enjoy the Story Walk, a half-mile paved trail that connects the park to Avon-Washington Township Public Library. The library provides rotating children's books in the spring and summer that you can read along the trail. What a perfect opportunity to combine reading, exercise and nature!

FishingEnjoy fishing or rolling at Avon Town Hall Park Lake!

Just when I thought I had discovered everything this great park had to offer, I came across a fisherman. The park offers three options for fishing: the 9-acre Town Hall Park Lake right behind Avon Town Hall; the 3-acre Sycamore Lake and a small pond.

All three waterways are catch and release only, and you must possess an Indiana state fishing license.

If you haven't visited Avon Town Hall Park, what are you waiting for? There is something for everyone!