During the warm-weather months, Avon Gardens in Avon, Indiana, becomes an oasis offering lush spaces for outdoor events and an abundance of plants, trees and flowers for gardeners.

Hundreds upon thousands of flowers bloom throughout the year, so be sure to tour the gardens now in the spring but also in the summer when the gardens change and the day lilies, among other plants, take their turn.

But until you can make it there in person, enjoy this photo tour of Avon Gardens.

Gain Inspiration

If you need inspiration for your own outdoor spaces, just wander the grounds. Five acres of display gardens offer shoppers the opportunity to see what their plants will look like when matured. 

Peonies, like the one above, are some of my favorite flowers, and in my walk around the grounds, I found several varieties I'd never seen before. Tables, chairs and benches placed throughout the grounds serve dual purposes to provide patio ideas and welcome you to take a seat and relax.

Plants, Landscaping & Expert Advice

Once inspired, they have everything you need to create your own outdoor oasis. Peruse the hundreds of plants and flowers for sale. You'll find trees, shrubs and flowers in every shade of the rainbow here.

If you don't have a plan and need some help, many knowledgeable, friendly staffers are available to give you a hand.

Discover the Whimsical

From their fairy garden displays that kids love to explore to a variety of unique items to decorate your outdoor space, visitors to these amazing gardens seem to get lost in the beauty.

Breathtaking Views

If you have no other reason to visit Avon Gardens, you need to at least experience its pure beauty. You will be captivated by the display gardens.

I couldn't get over thinking this was once a pig farm! It just shows you what can be done on any piece of property.


Perhaps more than anything else, wedding ceremonies have become its signature use. You would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful outdoor setting for a wedding.

Permanent structures like the archway above make Avon Gardens a perfect place for a wedding that requires little or no extra decoration. Of course, you can host your reception after the wedding onsite, too.

Retreats, Receptions & More

Avon Gardens can host more than just weddings. In addition to wedding receptions, various outdoor and covered spaces throughout the grounds can host a variety of events, including reunions, corporate retreats and other gatherings.

The gardens also provide the perfect setting for senior pictures, engagement pictures and family photos.