You’ve probably heard of goat yoga, or maybe bunny yoga, but have you heard of alpaca yoga?

Neither had Lori Lovely, owner of Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch in Brownsburg, Indiana. So that’s why she decided to bring it to Hendricks County last year. And it has become a popular attraction on her farm. This first-of-its-kind alpaca yoga began its second season recently on June 1. Classes will take place every other Thursday and Saturday at her ranch, 3750 N. County Road 950 East in Brownsburg.

Montrose Farm, Alpacas, yoga, Alpaca yogaClasses on the first and third Saturdays will be from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. led by instructors from Peace Through Yoga out of Danville, and classes on the second and fourth Thursdays will be from 7 to 8 p.m. and led by instructors from OMasana Yoga Studio out of Plainfield.

There are links for class registration on the Montrose Farms' website, and the cost is $20. Participants should plan to bring their own yoga mats, drinking water and sunscreen. Time is provided at the end of each class to interact with the alpacas.

Why Alpaca Yoga?

Here are the top three reasons you should consider alpaca yoga:

  1. Try something new. I’d be willing to bet even if you’ve done yoga, you’ve never done it with alpacas. So add this to your bucket list! It’s literally what it sounds like: yoga with alpacas. While instructors lead the class, a few of Lovely’s friendliest alpacas will wander around, most likely wanting to greet you gently. Lovely said alpacas are extremely curious animals, especially when humans are busy doing something else. Unlike goats, alpacas won’t jump on you. They’re a large, calming presence, sniffing and batting their big eyes and are very safe to be around.Montrose Farm, Alpacas, Yoga, alpaca yoga
  2. Animals are healing. It’s natural to put animals and yoga together considering how often they are used to heal. Dogs and cats are brought into hospitals and senior centers, and horses are used in therapy for autistic children or veterans, as just two examples. Being around animals has been proven to be very calming and rewarding. The laughter and flexibility that comes from being around animals can be more relaxing than some might expect.
  3. Change up your workouts! Maybe like me, you like to work out but you have never tried yoga, or maybe you want to start taking care of your body. This is the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling because it’s outdoors, it’s a unique experience and there will be all levels of experience present. If you’re going to try something, try it in a fresh and new way by throwing in some alpacas.

So, why not be on the cutting edge of something you can only find in Hendricks County. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced in yoga. Bring your mat out to Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch, feel the sunshine on your face and relax and interact with alpacas.