I've always considered trying holistic alternatives for various reasons, so when I was given the opportunity to check out Alsum Organics in Plainfield, Indiana, I was excited for the experience. But getting started on holistic alternative products can be overwhelming, especially when you have very little knowledge like myself. 

I soon learned I found just the right place to start.

Meet The OwnersAlsum Organics Owners Carmen & Rick on a family vacation

Carmen and Rick Alsum opened Alsum Organics in November 2019 in hopes of making a difference in their community. The idea for the business began many years earlier as Carmen suffered from severe sciatic nerve pain and chronic osteoarthritis pain in her knee.

Being in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years, she longed for an alternative to pain medicine, and gave CBD products a try. After just a few days, she finally felt relief from her pain. 

That experience led Carmen to make a shift in her career path, and open her own business selling these products. She wanted to offer a natural holistic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. 

Vision And Mission 

The Alsums started their business with a clear vision and mission in mind, so they put it in writing.

"Our Vision is to provide education and knowledge regarding holistic health and wellness. Holistic health and wellness means we are seeking total equanimity within our bodies (Spirit, Soul, and Body). Alsum Organics' goal is to educate as well as assist our clients in achieving the homeostatic balance our bodies desire." 

After my experience with Carmen, I can say she runs her business with that vision in mind. Carmen made a conscious effort to teach me exactly what these products are, what they do when they enter your body and what products would be best for my needs.

In addition to her own explanations, that made complete sense to someone as clueless as me, she provided me with two different brochures to read on my own time before making any final decisions. 

Their ProductsAlsum Organics products

If you are interested in browsing their products, you can shop on their website. They offer a variety of edibles such as suckers and gummies, CBD drops, pain creams, teas, bath bombs and even products for your pets.

However, if you are new to CBD products, I think you'll find it more beneficial to go into the Alsum Organics Shop in the strip mall near the intersection of U.S. 40 and Dan Jones Road in Plainfield and talk to them personally.

Alsum Organics