Everyone who lives in Hendricks County knows this community is a unique place, and everyone has their own reasons for believing that. One reason I have discovered that illustrates what makes Hendricks County special is that it is home to the 93rd Angel of Hope statue placed in America. Angel of Hope The Angel of Hope began with the Richard Paul Evans 1993 novel, The Christmas Box. The story was about a young couple who befriends their elderly employer who had lost a child decades before and of the statue she had erected in remembrance. The book touched many grieving parents who traveled to Salt Lake City looking for the Angel statue. Although the story was based in fact, the original statue had long been lost. Touched by the grieving families, the author commissioned a new statue from Ortho and Jared Fairbanks. Upon completion, the sculpture of the angel with outstretched arms was placed in the Salt Lake City cemetery, and an annual vigil is held every Dec. 6. Since then, Angel of Hope statues have been installed at a variety of locations throughout the country, including one in Town Hall Park in Avon, Indiana, in 2008. A small group of locals even created a non-profit corporation to raise the funds to purchase and erect the Angel of Hope, build a bridge and develop and maintain the site. You can see more about that local effort in this video: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ldin4ZxJyo&noredirect=1[/youtube] Every Dec. 6 all are welcome to attend a local vigil held to remember children who are forever loved and missed. Even though the event is held annually on Dec. 6, the site at Town Hall Park is open all year long. Angel of Hope Anyone whose family has been touched by the loss of a child understands that every day is a day of remembrance. Some families have purchased commemorative etched bricks for the site and others leave stuffed animals and flowers. It is sad, but it is powerful, and even a bit of comfort for the families who stop by. People care about people in Hendricks County – and you don’t have to live here to feel it. The Avon Town Hall Park is located at 6570 E. U.S. 36 in Avon behind the Town Hall building and to the west of the lake just off the walking path.