If you love vehicles made in America or "Murica" as Cleetus calls it and insane action that takes said vehicles to the limit and beyond, you are going to love an upcoming event at Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana, that will not only make its Indiana debut, but will be its first show in the Midwest.

YouTube sensation Cleetus McFarland, a character created and portrayed by Florida resident Garrett Mitchell, and his crew will bring the smoke and action as they take over the entire facility at Lucas Oil Raceway on May 1 during Cleetus & Cars.

Known for their epic burnouts and demolition drag racing, tickets are selling fast for this much-anticipated show.

Why Lucas Oil Raceway For First Midwest Show?Cleetus & Cars will utilize the drag strip as well as other facilities within Lucas Oil Raceway making the track the perfect location for its first Midwestern event.

McFarland had become a regular the past three years at another event at the track, Street Car Takeover, so he reached out to Lucas Oil Raceway staff about bringing his show to the facility in 2020. Kasey Coler, vice president of track operations and management at Lucas Oil Raceway, reached out to other locations that hosted this event and learned Cleetus & Cars is the real deal in terms of entertainment value and putting on a show.

I personally can't think of a better location for the Midwest's first Cleetus & Cars event. The sprawling Lucas Oil Raceway facility boasts a legendary drag strip with grandstands, a small oval with grandstands and plenty of additional paved areas for everything Cleetus & Cars brings.

Unfortunately, the 2020 event which would have been the first at Lucas Oil Raceway was canceled because of the pandemic. But based on the strong demand for tickets before it was canceled and the ticket sales when the 2021 date was released, Coler knew the event was going to be big for the track.

What is Cleetus & Cars?Cleetus & Cars will bring crazy stunts to Lucas Oil Raceway

The best way to describe this event would honestly be through Youtube videos, but I will do my best. The event is part car show, part stunt demonstrations and tons of fun to watch as drivers take their vehicles and more importantly their tires to the limit, especially during their signature burnout competition.

One of the top burnout competitions anywhere, drivers literally shred their tires going as insane as possible in an enclosed area.

Another popular attraction that serves as the nightcap for the one-day event is demolition drag racing.

Demolition Drag Racing

So, Lucas Oil Raceway has hosted its share of legendary drag racing events and drivers, but demolition drag racing will be a first for the track.

So what is demolition drag racing? Dreamed up by McFarland and his crew it pits side-by-side drag racing with a twist. The cars must make contact somewhere between the start and finish line with the winner being the first to cross the finish line. Needless to say, you never quite know what will happen as can be seen in the video above from a 2017 event.

Schedule & TicketsYou can participate in the greatest burnout display anywhere.

Gates will open to spectators at noon May 1. The start of the day will focus on the drag strip with demonstrations, fun runs, grudge matches and much more.

The burnout contest will be from 5 to 8 p.m. with a $5,000 purse going to the winner. The day will then conclude with the demolition drags beginning at 8:30 p.m. on the front stretch of the oval track.

Anyone can participate in the fun runs and grudge matches on the drag strip as well as the burnout competition and demolition drag. You can learn more including rules and requirements by clicking here.

Tickets cost $24 in advance online. Tickets will cost $30 on the day of the event. Children 11 and under and active military get in free. Parking is also free and camping is available for a fee on both Friday and Saturday just outside the track.