I absolutely love a good bookstore! Especially when the books are affordable and lingering over a hot beverage is highly encouraged. So I jumped at the chance to check out Speakeasy Books and More in Danville, and I brought my book-loving parents along to experience it as well. 

Speakeasy Books and More is owned by Tommy Vickers and is located just south of the Hendricks County Courthouse, next to Forget-Me-Knots.

The bookstore opened in May 2021 in the storefront formerly occupied by The Watermelon Patch, a children’s and maternity store owned and operated by Tommy's wife, Gidget, since 2014. 

When Gidget decided to downsize and open a smaller women's boutique, The She Shed, in the space next door, Tommy's dream of opening a bookstore began to take shape. 

Tommy considers himself a "book guy" and a "coffee guy," and he had a strong desire to create a laid-back space where the community could gather while enjoying some of his favorite things.

Books GaloreBooks at Speakeasy Books and More

Books of all kinds can be found at Speakeasy Books and More.

Looking for books by local authors, used books, new titles, vintage or collectible books?  Stop in often as the book selection is always growing and changing.

Tommy prefers reading mystery and historical fiction. Lee Childs and Stephen King are two of his favorite authors. But Speakeasy Books and More goes well beyond those genres, and Tommy encourages customers to make requests on the reading materials they would like to see for sale.   

I was happy to hear the YA section is continuing to expand. Even though I can no longer consider myself a young adult, YA books still pique my interest! I am also a sucker for any novel set in Italy and was thrilled to pick up a piece of Tuscan-inspired fiction for just $3.

All the used books are just $3 or less and most of the new books are $10 or under. The rare and vintage books do run more, but Tommy is intent on keeping the cost of his books low for budget-conscious readers.

Most of the used books have been donated, and he is happy to take previously-read books off your hands. Just drop them off at the store anytime during business hours.

Beverages and MunchiesFlavored Sodas at Speakeasy Books and More

Customers can munch on a variety of snacks while they read, get some work done on their laptops or catch up with friends. 

Lots of prepackaged goodies are available for purchase including bags of nuts, beer-flavored pretzels, specialty chips, cookies and other sweet treats. 

While you enjoy the inviting atmosphere, sip on bottled soda pop in a variety of fun flavors or opt for a hot caffeinated beverage. 

Even though I love a quaint coffee shop, I'm not a coffee drinker, so I was delighted that Chai Lattes were on the menu!

So Much MoreRecord corner at Speakeasy Books and More

You will also find gift items available for purchase including coffee mugs, calendars, planners and journals.

They even have an eclectic selection of vinyl records to peruse. Sit for a spell in the comfy chair and spin a few records while you recall the good old days. Better yet, bring your kids and educate them about music from days gone by!

There is also a nice selection of audiobooks, which was right up my parents' alley, so they picked up something to listen to during their next long drive.

Even the kiddies will enjoy hanging out at Speakeasy Books and More with a children's nook by the front window complete with games, toys, and of course, plenty of books.

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Not a BarChess table at Speakeasy Books and More

While chatting with Tommy, I inquired about the store's name and if there was a special meaning behind it. It's an ode to the days of prohibition and ties in with the nostalgic vibe he was going for when he spent six months refurbishing the entire space.

Tommy shared that his vision was to create a bookstore that wants to be a bar...and will never be a bar. You won't find alcohol at this Speakeasy, but you will find warm lighting and a comfy vintage setting

Notice the unique refurbished tables, chairs and bookcases throughout, and be sure to look up. During renovations, the drop ceiling started to cave in revealing an amazing tin ceiling, which Tommy painstakingly brought back to its former glory.

Events and Community SpaceLocal Authors at Speakeasy Books and More

The Vickers love the small-town feel of Danville but knew it was a gamble to open a bookstore in the middle of a pandemic as brick-and-mortar bookstores seem to be dying out. Yet they have been encouraged by the warm welcome Speakeasy Books and More has received, and Tommy is excited to add additional offerings and events over time.

Speakeasy Books and More has already hosted successful book signings with local authors, and more are in the works. They will be hosting writer’s workshops and book launches, and Tommy loves when book clubs and homeschool groups gather in the shop. 

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to study or a cozy spot to catch up with friends, you are more than welcome to make yourself at home at Speakeasy Books and More.

Speakeasy Books and More

117 S. Washington St.
Danville, IN 46112
Check their Facebook page for current store hours