With the arrival of warmer weather, there's nothing quite like a scoop of quality ice cream shared with family and friends. In the heart of Hendricks County, Indiana, lies Danville Dips, offering friendly service, very reasonable prices, a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of room to spread out and, of course, everyone's favorite frozen treat: ice cream!

The Location & OwnersDanville Dips entrance

The 3,400-square-foot store sits in a historic building that once was home to Baker Hardware in Danville. The shop's owners, Kevin and Susan Hill, restored the brick walls and wooden floors inside the building, giving Danville Dips a cool blend of a modern ice cream shop in a historic setting. 

Located on the southeast corner of the Hendricks County Courthouse Square at 101 S. Washington St., Danville Dips opened on November 27, 2020, and instantly became a hit in the community and in our household.

Co-owner Susan Hill recently retired from the Danville Community School Corporation as an 8th grade English teacher, and among her last group of students was my daughter, Gabrielle. To show Mrs. Hill what she learned in her class while earning a good grade, Gabby wants to turn the tables a bit and grade Mrs. Hill on Danville Dips.

I hope you enjoy Gabby's blogging debut!

Gabby's ReviewGabby Ivie is Feeling Berry Awesome at Danville Dips before making her blogging debut.

There are many things to enjoy at Danville Dips. They have a large open area keeping customers from being bunched together or crowded. They also provide many different seating options such as sitting in a booth near the ice cream or on a stool facing the huge plate glass windows and watching the activity on the Square. 

Their large menu consists of 24 hard-dipped Hershey's ice cream flavors, soft serve, eight Flavor Burst mix-ins, sundaes, dipsters, floats, sipsters, hot drinks, fountain drinks and smoothies from Blended Juice & Smoothie Bar's menu.

But some things can be a struggle when it comes to an ice cream shop. I am lactose intolerant, along with having a few other food allergies. I have always had trouble with new restaurants and shops, not knowing what they have for people with allergies.

So when I heard about Danville Dips' ice cream shop a while back, I didn't want to go at first. But I ended up going, and they had more than I thought!

Danville Dips boasts some dairy-free ice cream options such as Chocolate Chunk and Classic Cookie, and some hard-dipped ice cream flavors have no added sugar.

You can get your hard-dipped ice cream in a waffle cone, pint cup or quart cup. You can also get one, two or three scoops. If you want soft serve ice cream, the sizes include small, medium or large.

I usually get one of Blended’s smoothies called Feeling Berry Awesome. This smoothie is made from bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and fresh pressed apple juice. The smoothies come in sizes of 8-, 16- or 24-ounce. The smoothies can fill you up and they are very delicious.

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Ice CreamNatalie Ivie would get ice cream at Danville Dips every day if she could.

Hopefully Mrs. Hill is pleased with Gabby's review (and writing skills!). For those of us without food allergies, I can tell you the ice cream at Dips is definitely worth a visit or two...or ten. 

My other daughter, Natalie, is an incredibly picky eater, but after her first trip to Danville Dips, she'd go there every day twice a day if we'd let her. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies & Cream.

I'm partial to the Moose Tracks ice cream flavor, and at Dips, it's absolutely packed with chocolate and peanut butter cups. In future visits, I plan to try Peach, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and the blue, red and yellow Superman flavor.

The large booths inside Dips are perfect for groups of six and for breaking out a board game or a deck of cards while you enjoy your ice cream. I also like the plentiful free parking around the shop and around the Courthouse Square, as well as the option for some outdoor seating.

There's just something about hand-scooped ice cream that makes it taste better. Combine that with the brick walls, wooden floors, huge picture windows and relaxed atmosphere, the whole vibe of Danville Dips is one of people coming together and making great memories while enjoying quality ice cream.

Danville Dips