I recently made my first visit to Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield, Indiana. Chateau Thomas Winery has been making award-winning Indiana wines for more than 30 years.

As a first-timer, I decided to bring along my parents to attend a tasting with me. I'm definitely not a wine expert, but I do enjoy wine tastings and trying new wines. My mom’s birthday is coming up, so we decided it was a good reason to celebrate.

Chateau Thomas also offers tours by appointment to experience the production portion of the facility and follow the process from grape to barrel to bottle. It truly is fascinating and something that is worth the experience, but since I had toured before, we focused on the tasting and gift shop this time.

We walked into Chateau Thomas and up to the wine tasting bar, where we were given a tasting menu and asked to circle our choices of wines we'd like to taste. We opted to try wine tastings for $5 a person.  What a deal!

Chateau Thomas Winery tasting with Joy.We stood at the bar, while Chateau Thomas expert Joy (her name perfectly describes her personality) said she would pour the samples for us and would explain a bit of background about each wine. She covered the history of the wine, the aroma and taste of the wine and what foods to pair with each wine.

Joy did a fantastic job walking us through the tasting and answering any questions we had about the different wines. She also told us that people from all over the world visit Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield. It’s close to the Indianapolis International Airport, and there are several hotels within walking distance.

I struggled with the decision on what to try, but I finally decided  to go with four white wines and one red wine.  A top white wine favorite of mine was the Classic Chardonnay, which is described on the tasting menu as Medium straw colored wine with medium body. Aromas of tropical fruit such as pear, pineapple & mango

I also enjoyed the red wines, especially, the Chateau Big Red, which is described on the tasting menu as A complex blend of 5 varietals that celebrates the Academic and Athletic excellence of Indiana Universities.

My dad likes red wines and also enjoyed the Chateau Big Red. All of the wines are available for purchase at Chateau Thomas Winery.

A couple at the tasting bar told us they were buying bottles of wine for family members and others. We spent about an hour at the tasting and in-between tastings (there were other customers tasting wines with us). We also walked around the large gift shop, which is located within the tasting room.

Wine glasses, corkscrews, T-shirts, aprons, gourmet foods and any gift for the wine lover you know fills the gift shop.

We had a wonderful time at the tasting, and I decided to take a souvenir with me. So I purchased a bottle of one of my favorites at the tasting, the Classic Chardonnay.

The experience provided such a fun way to celebrate a birthday and learn about wines. I’m looking forward to planning my next trip to Chateau Thomas Winery in Hendricks County. Maybe I’ll take a group of friends, and we’ll go out for dinner afterward.

Just the details...

  • When you go: Chateau Thomas Winery is located in Hendricks County at 6291 Cambridge Way, Plainfield, Indiana. Phone: (317) 837-9463 or toll-free, (800) 761-9463.
  • Airport bound? If you have time, stop at the winery to pick up a few souvenirs on your way. Chateau Thomas Winery has visitors from all over the world and Indianapolis International Airport is a short drive from the winery. There are also many hotels located near the winery.
  • First-timer tips: Bring a group of friends or family to attend the tasting. It makes it more fun to compare notes about what wines everyone enjoyed. Don’t be shy about asking questions. Chateau Thomas Winery staff are happy to answer any questions about the wines. Celebrating something? Take a group of friends and family and celebrate at Chateau Thomas Winery. The more, the merrier!

Do you have a favorite Chateau Thomas wine? I’d love to hear your recommendations. Leave me a note in the comment section below.