Heart and soul. That’s what you will find when you walk into Flowers and Treasures in Hendricks County. This flower and consignment shop opened its doors just over a year and half ago on Main Street in Pittsboro, Indiana. Flowers and Treasures - 2 East Main Street - Pittsboro, Indiana In that short time, this shop has made its mark by being named the county's Best Flower Shop by the Hendricks County Flyer. Owners Kathy Carder and Sheri Clark are very passionate about their business. I recently spent an afternoon talking with them, and I can tell they put a lot of heart in everything they do for the shop. As they told me about their shop, I could feel the enthusiasm they shared for their business. I could also tell they are in demand. The phone rang with orders several times while I was there. Heart and soul goes into every arrangement. They put pride in creating unique flower arrangements. When they create an arrangement, they think of the person who will be receiving it. They do their best to find out as much about the person as they can, so the arrangement will match the recipient’s interests and the message the giver is trying to convey. Sheri said it best describing this shop as "selling feelings." Flowers should convey the feelings of the giver to the recipient. Some people have loved their arrangement so much, they have asked for it to be replicated in a silk arrangement. Arrangements made to reflect personality. Despite only being open less than two years. Sheri is a skilled floral designer with several years in the business. Sheri has been recognized numerous times for outstanding floral design. Kathy and Sheri used to create floral arrangements for weddings out of their garage. Overloaded with clients they decided to put their love for flowers and “treasures” together into one store. If you need flowers delivered, they serve all Hendricks County towns, Indianapolis and surrounding counties. Keep an eye out in Pittsboro, you may see local deliveries being made by a 3-wheel bicycle. Unique glass items can be found at Flowers and Treasures. Even if you don’t need flowers, you need to stop in and see what they have re-purposed or have on consignment. They have a nice variety of old and new. I saw several items that I would love to have. The next time you are in Pittsboro, be sure to stop in and see the shop.
Flowers and Treasures
2 East Main St.
Pittsboro, Indiana
(317) 892-3599
Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.