We are extremely lucky to have such a great group of bloggers. As I looked back on several of the blog posts from 2012, I found that not only are they great at writing but they are also great at photography. I wanted to share some of my favorite Hendricks County photos that they have taken in the past year. I hope you enjoy.....I know I did.[gallery columns="3" ids="7102,7645,6916,6918,8217,8152,8105,7770,7545,7544,7146,7103,6875,6863,6660,6612,6486,6485,6487,6404,6403,6405,6407,6402,6289,6268,6240,6250,6239,6238,6064,6067,5940,5894,5790,5710,5663,5661,5676,5624,5592,5525,5486,5430,5323,5081,5082,5061,4993,4994,4992,4875,4812,4811,4786,4657,4673,3572,4991,3398,2816"]