Welcome to All Access, a new blog that will provide insider news and information about Hendricks County brought to you by the team at the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this new initiative as we have a lot of exciting plans to provide first-person storytelling to keep our residents and guests entertained and informed about all the wonderful attractions, events and other happenings that make Hendricks County such a wonderful place to live and visit. As I arrived at the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau in August as its new communications manager after working 15 years as a newspaper reporter, one of my key responsibilities involved starting and overseeing this new tourism blog. For me, it was both exciting and a little intimidating but it became a challenge I relished. I live, work and worship in Hendricks County and with a young family in tow, I not only wanted to know what was going on myself, but I couldn’t wait to share that information with other locals and potential visitors. As we kick off this new blog, everyone has begun to shift into holiday mode. With our holiday campaign about to take off as well, the blog’s first few months will focus on the many holiday happenings in Hendricks County, including some tasty morsels from our resident expert, Holly Hendricks. We also will provide plenty of insider information about all the events both our residents and visitors need to know as they plan family events during this busy season. So, bookmark this site, sign up for a subscription to receive free updates, share it with your friends and let us do the work for you in that fun and engaging fashion you have come to expect from the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Please, check back often as we plan to provide at least two new stories weekly and hope to expand that schedule soon. If you have any questions, suggestions or just need someone to talk to, feel free to send me an e-mail at Josh@TourHendricksCounty.com or call me at (317) 718-8750.