With beautiful weather right around the corner, we are lucky to have many options to experience gorgeous scenery in our Hendricks County, Indiana parks, while getting exercise at the same time.

I thought it would be good to create a list of my favorite paved trails in the area.

1. White Lick Creek Trail

Friendship gardens, Plainfield, water fountains

White Lick Creek Trail in Plainfield starts at Franklin Park where it intersects with Vandalia Trail and runs southward to Hummel Park and beyond. It is 3.3 miles. However, if you add in various side paths located within the parks and surrounding areas, then it's 15-plus miles. It is great for long or short run/walks and is ideal for cyclists and skaters.

Restrooms, a water fountain and parking are centrally located within Franklin Park near the baseball fields. 


2. Hummel Park

Blue Heron Lake, Hummel Park, Plainfield

Hummel Park in Plainfield offers a 1.1-mile track around the perimeter with restrooms and water fountains located at the 1/4-mile marker.

Near the 1/4-mile marker is a trailhead, which crosses a bridge with gorgeous views of the creek. Visitors can either run on the Cottonwood Path (half mile) or the Blue Heron Path (just over 2 miles).

3. Vandalia Rail Trail

Vandalia Rail Trail, East, Plainfield

Vandalia Rail Trail extends 4.5 miles and runs through Plainfield along the abandoned Vandalia Railroad and an unconnected section begins in Amo and extends about 4 more miles to the Putnam County line. The Plainfield section begins east near the intersection of Perry and Smith roads and extends west to Martin Road (500E).This trail has some inclines, distance markers every half mile and limited road intersections.

The Richard A. Carlucci Recreation and Aquatic Center is just off the trail near Vestal Road, which offers parking. Parking is also available along the western section in both Amo and Coatesville.

4. Avon Town Hall Park

Avon Town Hall Park Trail in Avon, Indiana

Avon Town Hall Park is located in Avon just west of the Ind. 267 and U.S. 36 intersection. Three paved trails are interconnected within the park totaling 1.5 miles.

The trails have a few inclines and are suitable for 1.5- to 6-mile runs/walks. Longer runs are certainly possible, especially if you run through the surrounding neighborhoods, which tacks on about 3 miles.

5. Williams Park

Maple Ridge Trail in Williams Park

Williams Park in Brownsburg, near the intersection of Tilden Road and Locust Lane, is a paved trail with a 3/4-mile loop around the perimeter of the park. It is ideal for shorter runs/walks, and many people walk their dogs or utilize jogging strollers on the path.

As an added bonus to Williams Park, Maple Ridge Nature Trail is a beautiful natural trail through the woods in the back of the park. It can add and 3/4 of a mile to your run or walk but is not paved.