Full disclosure as I start writing about my latest HollyDays video shoot - I’m probably not the prototypical gal who loves to shop. In fact, I usually dread it. But once I arrived at Metropolis Shopping Center in Plainfield, that all changed. From Aeropostale to Purse Strings to my journey to Journeys, I loved the convenience of having a mall like Metropolis right here in Hendricks County. I love Charlotte Russe, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Old Navy – Metropolis really has a vast selection - but I tend to always buy for my kids and rarely splurge on me or my husband, Kris. What fun I had though being queen for a day, shopping until I dropped while the camera rolled. You have to check out our latest video as you prepare for Black Friday or any other holiday shopping. You can view it on our HollyDays video page or by going to the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s YouTube channel. Don’t get me wrong, I love the small, locally owned shops we have in Hendricks County; I frequent them regularly. But you can truly make an afternoon or even a day out of a trip to Metropolis. I’m so glad they have Hot Box Pizza now to go along with their other more upscale restaurants, such as Claddagh Irish Pub and Stone Creek Dining Company. There truly seems to be something for every shopper at Metropolis. So as you go out to complete that arduous chore of Christmas shopping, I would highly recommend keeping it local this HollyDays season by taking a trip out to Metropolis. Bring your friends and family, make a fun day of it by also taking in a movie at Rave Motion Pictures and don’t forget to get those gift cards!