In recent years, it is a reality none of us can avoid. Whether it’s you or somebody you know, it seems everyone has been impacted by job loss. Believe me, I know. I was one of those statistics just recently when after about a decade with the Indianapolis Star, I was laid off along with about 60 of my colleagues. I happened to be one of the fortunate ones. After just two months, I landed on my feet here at the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau. But there are so many people out there who haven’t been so lucky. In hopes of helping those adults looking to further their education, the HCCVB, in partnership with the Hendricks College Network, is once again offering its Adult Tourism Scholarship. The non-renewable, $1,000 Adult Tourism Scholarship is targeted for adults 23 or older who reside in Hendricks County and attend or plan to attend an accredited 2- to 4-year Indiana institution, pursuing a tourism/hospitality or business related field of study. Eligible fields of study include hotel/lodging management, restaurant, food and beverage management, travel planning, motorsports, cultural development, sports tourism and food production training. Applicants also can qualify if they are currently employed in the tourism industry at lodging facilities, restaurants or visitor attractions. If you qualify and are interested, time is of the essence. The deadline for applications is Dec. 5 with plans to award the scholarship prior to Christmas. Applications can be found online on our website or on the Hendricks College Network’s website. So many opportunities exist out there for young people, but so few organizations think about supporting adults who are returning to school. My hope is that this Adult Tourism Scholarship could be that critical boost an adult student needs to enter that new career. Since I’ve been there myself, I’m just so glad to be a part of this initiative and hope we can help someone continue in or find a profession in an industry that I’ve found has so many benefits and puts so many smiles on people’s faces.