I’ve never learned how to play a guitar and I’m kind of jealous. It just seems like a cool thing to do – duplicating your favorite songs and creating your own. We’ve all seen a guitarist put on an amazing show, whether on television or your favorite artists’ live performance.

What I do know is that musicians, in general, are really cool people along with having the talent.

Eddie Prather, Owner of Minor Prophet Studio and Event Coordinator for the Indiana Guitar Show said while some of us were throwing the football around on the field, and others were writing for the school newspaper (that was me), these guys (and gals) were hanging out alone or with a group of friends, playing the guitar over and over, until perfection.

Whether you play guitar and are looking for the next addition to your collection, want to trade in or just want to hang out with cool people, the Indiana Guitar Show & Music Gear Expo is just around the corner at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds, and the two-day event is sure to be a blast.

In fact, it remains the single largest musical event to occur in Indiana this year.

Dates & Details Indiana Guitar Show (Photo courtesy of Indiana Guitar Show facebook page)

This year’s spring event will have show hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 1 and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 2.

The spring and fall show has called the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds home since 2018, and Prather says there’s no better place. Held at the Expo Hall, vendors can arrive and pull right up to the large garage doors to unload and those that bring their RV can park on the property for a minimal cost.

Tickets are $15 per day, but if visitors choose to purchase a T-shirt (this year, it has an Allman Brothers theme) for $25 they receive free admission for both days.

Be sure to sign up for the door prize for a chance to win autographed photos of Bonnie Raitt, Paul McCartney and Johnny Cash or an autographed album by James Taylor among others.

The Holiday Inn Express in Plainfield offers discounted rates for Indy Guitar Show vendors and fans along with other local hotels in the area.

More Than Guitars Indiana Guitar Show (Photo courtesy of Indiana Guitar Show facebook page)

Prather compares his show to a Gun & Knife Show, just filled with music gear instead. With 140 tables full of everything from music memorabilia to vintage and new instruments, visitors can pick up nearly anything.

For the novice to the collector, guests will find PA systems, fiddles, dulcimers, recording equipment, vinyl records, mandolins, amps and much more, available for purchase or trade at varying price points.

The musician says the emphasis at this show is on ‘trade’. If you happen to have an instrument sitting around, bring it in and chances are, you’ll find a buyer. If it’s musical, someone will want it.

Special Guests Indiana Guitar Show (Photo courtesy of Indiana Guitar Show facebook page)

Whether you are ready to buy the next piece of equipment or just there to check out the show, there will be a few noted guests throughout the day.

Steve Scorfina, former lead guitarist for REO Speedwagon and original high school bandmate with Michael McDonald will be on hand.

ZZ Top is currently on tour and playing three of the four guitars made by Newman Guitars. They kept the fourth guitar and often bring it to the Indiana Guitar Show for others to experience.

The Indiana Guitar Show 

  • When: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 1 and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 2
  • Where: Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds & Conference Complex, 1900 E. Main St., Danville, Indiana.
  • Cost: $15 a person or $25 per T-shirt for a two-day pass. Parking is free.
  • Info: Indiana Guitar Show Facebook page