It's that time of the year folks...that's right houses and garages all over the county are currently being cleaned out of unused treasures to sell at the local garage or yard sale. For this deal-finding diva, garage-selling season is like months of Christmas to me. Imagine my pure joy 4 years ago when I had my first experience at a whole road, the National Road to be exact, full of different yard sales. Gear Up Cyclery We had a seasoned veteran take us on this fun adventure, and we all left with some great goodies and even better memories. Since that first experience, I have made the annual sale a tradition of mine. The 10th annual National Road Yard Sale is just days away running from May 29 to June 2. This sale once only spanning a small section of U.S. 40 has now expanded from Baltimore to St. Louis with 824 miles of antiques, produce stands, bargains and more. Over the years, the word of the sale has grown dramatically with the largest sale taking place last year. Last year, restaurants and sales in some locations were caught off guard by the attendance even running out of food to serve in some cases. (Not to worry there are still plenty of great deals for all). Fortunately for us, Hendricks County has miles of great property along the National Road to shop with several great locations. Attending the sale the past few years myself I thought I would include a list of insider tips to help make your National Road Yard Sale experience great! Whether you plan to just visit the locations in Hendricks County or to make a whole day on the road, these tips will help make your day wonderful and hopefully successful.
  • Be Prepared:  With the length of this sale, be sure to have your tank filled for your long day of driving ahead, and most important have plenty of cash on you. Some locations may take your debit or credit card but it is best to be prepared with cash. Keep your body fueled.  Prepare for your day of shopping with some snacks. Be sure to include some drinks to keep you hydrated. One of the joys of the road is some little treats right? Belleville Farm Market
  • Look Beyond the Big Items: Many people are drawn to the big-ticket items where great deals can be found. However, often times the true treasures are found in the small items that might be on a back table or found under another item. Don't be afraid to ask about an item and its history.
  • Barter: Just like the folks on all the big thrifting and antiquing shows don't be afraid to barter with the seller for the price you seek.
  • Enjoy the scenery: The National Road is more than 200 years old with a great history. As you travel down this great road, be sure to sit back and take in all the scenery. Once out of Plainfield and heading west, you will see some truly beautiful land. Take time to breathe in some fresh air and take in the history of the road. Some of the towns and homes bordering the Old National Road have some great history.Gilley's Antique Mall
  • Best Hendricks County Pit Stops: As I mentioned before, there will be several treasures to be found in Hendricks County. Along with all the personal homes that will have sales be sure to stop at: Shelley's Closet of Treasures, Gilley's Antique Mall, Belleville Farm Market, Nomad Yarns, Cooper's OK Hardware & Country Store of Stilesville along with many other great shops and restaurants.
  • Need a place to stay: If you plan to extend your adventure beyond one day, Hendricks County has some of the best and most affordable hotels, and they are  just minutes from U.S. 40. I suggest looking at the options in Plainfield by clicking here.
I hope you will take some time out of your schedule to make a day or more out of this fun event. There truly is something for every person. Have some other great sale tips to share with me and the readers? Please comment below! I love the feedback and am always looking for ways to make my day of thrifting better!