I’ve always felt like I fall in between an extrovert and an introvert –- maybe a social introvert or a quiet extravert? So, when I think of a perfect day to recharge and reenergize, it needs to be a great combination of alone time and social time.

While there are so many great places in Hendricks County, Indiana, I think my ideal day would include some good coffee, the great outdoors, maybe some local shops, a little pampering and dinner out on a patio with friends.

And I think with the help of my husband, I could create the perfect alone/social time combination. 

Start Early with CoffeeCourthouse Grounds in Danville

It can be rare for parents of young children to get a whole day to explore and indulge in all that the area has to offer but my perfect day would start early with coffee at Court House Grounds in downtown Danville.

When I first visited this cafe, I had my 2 year old and newborn with me, and I felt like I walked into a movie set. Everything from the pillows on the sofa to the real tea cups on the tables created the perfect coffee shop ambience.

The owner was beyond kind and welcoming and suggested the hot chocolate which our toddler thoroughly enjoyed.

I’d make this spot my first stop, and I’d slowly sip a warm latte and enjoy an egg sandwich without having to share. This cafe is the perfect spot to meet up with a friend, enjoy with your significant other, bring your coworkers for lunch or to simply go solo. 

Add Some NatureSucculents at McCammon's Irish Market

After having a quiet start, I’d head toward Brownsburg and stop in at McCammon’s Irish Market. I’ve often stopped in with the kids when we’d walk the B&O Trail. But, it'd be refreshing to slowly browse the rows of plants and the garden and gift area solo.

While McCammon’s offers a complete landscape service and will deliver supplies for a more do-it-yourself approach, they also have great seasonal plants and houseplants. I’d definitely treat myself to a new plant!

The B&O Trail parking lot is across the street from McCammon’s. I often take a short walk west to the bridge and back. It’s beautiful throughout the year and through all seasons, and it’s easily accessed with the trail parking. It's a short and peaceful break from any day.

You can't go wrong with being outside on a perfect weather day! Nature is often reenergizing, and Hendricks County has some amazing parks and outdoor spaces

Mix in Food & FamilyThai District at Night

Just north of McCammon’s, there are a few great lunch places along Ind. 267, which becomes Green Street in Brownsburg.

Some favorites include Bru Burger Bar, Rush off Main, Noble Roman's and my personal choice – Thai District.

I recommend the lunch special at Thai District, which includes soup, salad and a spring roll. While Pad Thai is always great, my personal favorite is the Massaman Curry.

Ideally, I’d want my family to meet me for lunch and some play time at Arbuckle Acres Park, or “the fire engine park” as our 5-year-old has always called it.

Thai District does offer a kid-friendly menu which is helpful. And you can walk to Arbuckle Acres Park if you choose leaving your car parked in the lot behind Thai District.

It's hard striking the balance of alone time, family time and social time, but in my perfect day I'd try to make them all happen! 

Enjoy Some PamperingE.M Studio Salon

After some family time, I’d continue my solo afternoon at E.M Studio Salon in Brownsburg where I’d get a haircut. I love this salon! It’s cute and has a little boutique where you can buy some of the most adorable things.

I always feel refreshed when I leave.

The space is bright and large but it doesn’t lose the pampering feel. They have a great menu of salon services and their stylist will work with you to find what you'd like.

Since it's one of the top salons in the area, definitely call to make an appointment. But, you don't need to have an appointment to shop!

Enjoy Dinner With FriendsBoulder Creek Dining Room

I’d end my recharge and reenergize day with dinner and drinks with friends on the patio at Boulder Creek Dining Company just next door to E.M Studio Salon.

I’ve eaten here a handful of times, and I’ve enjoyed every meal! They also have great drinks that change with the season. Eating on the patio with friends on a beautiful evening is definitely a great way for me to feel energized.

Ideally, I’d try to make it an early dinner and enjoy their early bird menu, and still make it home early enough to say goodnight to the kids. 

I may have packed my recharge and reenergize day too full.

Maybe I need to come up with another plan and look into a staycation at a hotel with a pool and make it a whole weekend, but if I can only take a day, this would be the perfect one for me!