I grew up in South Florida, so ice skating wasn't super common. We did live about 45 minutes away from an indoor ice skating rink, and my mom would drive me and my friends there when we were in middle school. And we loved it.

Now my kids are getting a little older. It's been fun experiencing new adventures and creating new traditions with them. This last weekend we checked out Penguin Park at The Murphy Aquatic Park in Avon. 

The RinkSkating at Penguin Park

Our 5- and 3-year-old girls were so excited to try out ice skating. They often pretend to ice skate with their socks on our tile floor around our house, so this was an easy win for us to make a dream come true for them. 

We got there right when they opened, and once we signed our waiver, we were off! 

Rink admission is $8 and includes skate rental and skate aids. Kids 3 and under are free. 

Penguin Park is a synthetic ice rink. We had never been on synthetic ice but we all adjusted pretty quickly. It may have even been easier for our little kids than traditional ice.

They each started with the ice skating aid, but quickly decided they wanted to try it on their own. 

I put on skates and tried it myself, but they do offer shoe covers which can allow adults to go on the ice and help their kids while not having to worry about balancing on skates.

The SnacksIce Cream at Penguin Park

After about 45 minutes of ice skating, we took a break and headed to the concession stand. I suggested something like hot chocolate or chips and cheese but both girls wanted ice cream.

So, we decided on ice cream and a warm pretzel. 

After our break, our kids really enjoyed looking at the holiday display inflatables and lights up close before heading back to the 'ice'. 

Penguin Park has open skate hours on Fridays from 6-9 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 6 p.m. And they're open until the end of February. It's a great place to visit during the holidays, and it'll be a great place to visit during those long weeks of January and February.  

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The IgloosIgloo at Penguin Park

There are three igloos available to rent. They are heated and cost $100 and can hold around 24 people comfortably. 

You can also rent them out for birthday parties. Igloo party rentals cost $200 and include the igloo, skate rentals, pizza and sodas. 

During our time there, one igloo was rented out for a preteen or teenager's birthday party, and they seemed to enjoy it. It gave everyone attending the party a warm landing spot for when they weren't at the rink.

Events & DetailsPenguin Park

Penguin Park also plans special events throughout the season. They currently have a Breakfast with Buddy scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 17. 

They also offer two dates for a homeschool skate during the day and have sensory skate dates scheduled, where they limit the number of people and have a less stimulating environment. 

All events are subject to weather since it's all outside, so check their website and Facebook page to stay up to date. 

Penguin Park is at the Murphy Aquatic Park located at 753 S. County Road 625 East in Avon. Penguin Park will be open Nov. 11, 2022 to Feb. 26, 2023.