With two locations and two owners who share everything including their menus, TourHendricksCounty.com Pizza Playoffs’ No.2-seeded Rock Star Pizza proved to be twice the work for us at the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau. But it was worth it! Getting to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at Rock Star’s Brownsburg and Plainfield locations proved to me why both have been successful. See what you think by watching the video below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite finalist by clicking here. Our TourHendricksCounty.com Pizza Playoffs champion will be crowned at noon Friday! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNSw8i0Q2H0&list=UU8x_r855M4mdwKchMOG5J1w&index=9&feature=plcp[/youtube]