I'd blame the cold winter weather for my coffee obsession, but no one would believe me. I'm serious about coffee. I'm the weirdo that walks around with a travel mug of coffee all hours of the day.

Most people, um...normal people, may not be quite as serious about their coffee, but even a modest coffee drinker can appreciate the list of hot beverage bests in Hendricks County that I -- with some help from those that participated in our Facebook poll -- have put together for you.

After all, this is Indiana, we know that the cold weather isn't done with us yet. Our list will help you warm up during winter's remainder, but I'm guessing you'll be enjoying these all through the year.

The Beehive A delicious latte from The Beehive in Danville

I've mentioned my love of the honey bean latte from The Beehive in Danville many times over the last few years, so it shouldn't be a shock that this deliciousness tops my list. It was also suggested on our Facebook poll. I love all things vanilla, but I'm not a fan of the artificial syrupy kind I often find.

This latte is legit with the perfect amount of real vanilla bean. The Beehive's unique twist on this latte is in the addition of their locally farmed honey. It's such a flavorful latte with the perfect amount of sweetness. Stop in and try one for yourself soon.

The second "vote" for The Beehive on our poll was for their chai tea latte. I gravitate toward all things coffee, but I might have to break from my norm and try one of these next time I'm in.

Court House Grounds

The chai tea latte from Court House Grounds in Danville was also suggested on our poll. Although I've never been a big fan of chai tea, I have to assume that if Court House Grounds is serving it, it's bound to be delicious.

My personal go-to's here are the cappuccino or a latte. They offer a full coffee bar with plenty of variety and flavors to choose from. My kids also love their hot chocolate. If you're not a fan of chai tea, stop in and ask the awesome staff for a suggestion. You won't be disappointed.Hot tea at Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery

The Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery

I don't need our Facebook poll to know that a cold winter day is well spent at this local favorite. With their warm atmosphere and serving Jameson Coffee and OurSpecialTEA products,The Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery in Danville never disappoints.

I love hot, brewed tea, and they offer a nice variety of flavors - and there's something about sipping freshly brewed tea in a cozy cafe. You'll probably want to go ahead and order a baked good or dessert because theirs are the best around. 

India Bistro

Another unique suggestion made on our poll was the ginger chai and the masala chai offered at India Bistro in Plainfield. I'll be honest, when I was thinking of the best hot beverages in Hendricks County, I didn't look beyond cafes or coffee houses. So, I'm intrigued.

I'll start with the ginger chai. That's sure to warm me up on a cold winter day.

Thanks to those who shared their favorites with us on our poll. I hope this list provides you with a few new places or beverages to try on the next wintery day.

I'm sure I missed some. If your favorite isn't listed, please add it to the comments section below.