As we wrap up 2016 and look ahead to next year, we always like to look back at the Hendricks County Insider's most viewed stories from the past year in case you may have missed them. I will also provide a little commentary about each one from an editor's perspective.

Keep in mind, these were the top stories in terms of how many times they were viewed. These stories were the only posts with more than 1,500 views out of the nearly 200 blog posts we produced in 2016. When you think about it, that is an incredible number, and we have you our readers and visitors to thank!

If you would like to read the original story, just click on each link.

  1. Top 10: Holiday Light Displays in Hendricks County -- Ironically, it was one of our more recent blog posts that secured this year's top spot. Eric Ivie did an amazing job highlighting the best places to see lights twinkle and dance as we all soak in the holiday spirit. Published just four weeks ago, it eclipsed any other story this year with more than 6,000 views! If you happened to miss it, click on the link above, hop in your car and check out these places before the holiday season is over.
  2. Top 10: Fall 2016 Events in Hendricks County -- It probably won't do you a whole lot of good to go back and look at this story since all of these events have passed, but perhaps you could get an early start for 2017 fall planning by seeing what you missed in 2016. Also written by Eric Ivie, this story appeared to be shoe-in for this year's most viewed story as it also had more than 6,000 views, but was narrowly passed in the final few weeks of the year.Heartland Apple Festival kids playing on pumpkins
  3. Your Guide to the 2016 Heartland Apple Festival at Beasley's Orchard -- If you can't tell, fall is a busy season for Hendricks County as visitors flock in by the hundreds and no attraction or event is more popular than the Heartland Apple Festival, so it wasn't a surprise that this story made it into the top three. Stephanie Porter gave great insight from personal experience on what makes this festival so popular. Give it a read and make your plans for October 2017.
  4. 8 Indoor Activities for the Kids in Hendricks County -- It is instances like this that remind me just how powerful search engines are. Despite this being a story first posted in January of 2015, it somehow found its way on the top read stories of 2016! Penned by one of our former bloggers Becky Wilson-Lusk, it serves as a great roundup of all the activities you may want to consider this winter. It also incredibly finished in our list of Top 10 stories last year!
  5. 7 Things to See at the Hendricks County 4-H Fair -- Crystal Paschal did a great job of highlighting what attendees had to make sure not to miss at this year's fair. I try to challenge our local writers to provide insider perspective including little details that visitors need to know before going to an event or attraction. This is a great example of us providing that service and why any local or visitor should subscribe to our blog.
  6. Top 10: Hendricks County Holiday Events in 2016 -- If you can't tell already, events tend to be our most popular subject of interest. If not you will be reminded again coming up in No. 8.
  7. Beasley's Orchard Adds New Hayloft, Offerings for 2016 -- As I mentioned before, with Beasley's being such a popular Hendricks County attraction, we were excited about their new additions for 2016 and beyond. Click on that link above to get more of the details, and if you have never been to Beasley's before, make sure you do in 2017.Mayberry in the Midwest Crowd View
  8. 16 Can't-Miss Hendricks County Events in 2016 -- Keep watching our blog in January as we will have our list of top events for 2017.
  9. Top Outdoor Dining Options in Hendricks County -- Always a popular topic come spring and early summer, we provided a great insider roundup of the best spots to take your dining experience outside.
  10. Family Fun Summer Trip Ideas in Central Indiana -- We truly pride ourselves on being a family-friendly destination, and no story in 2016 summed it up better than this post that helped families plan a weekend here. 

Honorable Mentions

Boutiques and arts and culture experiences really exploded onto the scene in Hendricks County in 2016, and the stories that finished 11th and 12th in readership proved that...