One of the things we commonly get asked is to put together trip ideas or even a full itinerary for people wanting to visit Hendricks County, Indiana.

So, this summer we decided to take that a step further by coming up with a quiz that would allow the user to answer some simple questions that would lead them to a list of trip ideas that met their specific interests.

Since we put in the work to come up with these trip idea pages, I figured I would share some of them here on the blog.

You can see them all by clicking here

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Adults on the Go

As we put together our quiz, we tried to think of every person who could possibly visit our destination. We developed trip ideas for families, gamers and so much more. But for today's story, we will focus on active adults.

Here's some of our top options:

Natural Valley RanchNatural Valley Ranch guided trail ride

While this could be considered a family destination, too, we've had many adults who have raved about a scenic horseback ride through the fields, woods and along the banks of White Lick Creek. 

These rides require no previous experience; they are led by an experienced guide; and Natural Valley Ranch even has an elevated saddling area they can bring the horse to ensuring anyone of any age and ability can ride.

The riding areas around Natural Valley Ranch are truly beautiful anytime of year, but for my money you can't beat when the leaves begin to change in the fall.


Trails & ParksAvon Town Hall Park trail

If you like to stay on your own two feet while enjoying nature, you can't beat our many trails and parks throughout Hendricks County.

We've even made the search easier for you to help find the perfect park or trail that fits your difficulty level and interests. If you love disc golf, pickleball or even skateboarding, we have specific parks for each.

For you hikers, do you prefer natural trails? We have those. Looking for more paved trails that aren't as rugged? We've got those, too.

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Indoor FunRed Curb Improv Comedy

We have three specific indoor attractions we recommend for our adult crowd.

Red Curb Improv Comedy Theatre

Talk about a ton of fun. If you love comedy, then this is the place for you. Only available on the weekends, their shows are so interactive and fun that you and your friends or loved ones will laugh so hard you'll be crying.

The Tie Dye Lab

I found this attraction to be both fun and therapeutic as you pick out some type of clothing or other material, like shirts, towels, hats, etc. Then you pick a few colors and a pattern, and the great staff at the lab help you through every step to make a tie-dye creation.

There are so many memories that I took away from this experience, but my favorite part was probably the reveal after you see your finished creation for the first time.

Press Play Gaming Lounge

With a full bar and plenty of fun games like virtual reality and foam wars, this is definitely a place where adults as much as kids can have a good time. You can even get your own pod to relax with your group.


Beer & FoodBrew Link Beer and Nachos

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with craft beer and good food.

We boast a variety of amazing options on both fronts here in Hendricks County. Some of our favorites include Rusted Silo Southern BBQ & Brewhouse, Books & Brews and Brew Link Brewing.


Even More Ideas

So, I just scratched the surface of what you can do on an adult getaway in Hendricks County.

Click here for more ideas.