Solitude is defined as the state or situation of being alone. Let's face it, we all need some alone time now and then or are sometimes forced to be alone.

So, why not put together a list of top activities to keep you busy in your solitude.

Online Shopping

While there are the big shopping sites out there that everyone is familiar with, I wanted to include locally owned Hendricks County online shopping options in my list. Two of our most prominent local online shopping options actually started in the virtual world before eventually opening storefronts.

Seize the Night DesignsNameplate necklaces at Seize the Night Designs

Owner Sarah Fentz started her popular handmade jewelry option on Etsy and still maintains and sells from that platform even after opening her storefront on the square in Danville. Visit her online store

Who North America

Much like Seize the Night, Keith and Jany Bradbury maintained an online presence selling Doctor Who memorabilia long before opening their now destination-worthy retail store and museum in Camby. You will find that their website still reflects that. Visit their online store

MRC Wood ProductsMRC Wood Products personalized sign

A true hidden gem in Brownsburg that does have a small gift shop/public store, MRC Wood Products sells most of its inventory online. Their custom wood signs have become a huge hit in the Central Indiana region and beyond. Visit their online store


Many of our local boutiques including Ella Mae's, Laynee's and Younique Culture sell their clothing online as well as in their local stores.


A relatively new option in Hendricks County, ArtGab is an online store put together by the Hendricks County Arts Council featuring products from local artisans. The inventory includes beautiful bags, totes, cards, notebooks and other one-of-a-kind accessories. Visit their online store

Explore Parks & TrailsMcCloud Nature Park

Another great way to enjoy solitude in Hendricks County can be found in our amazing parks and trails. We currently have two great nature preserves that we highly recommend visiting on your own including McCloud Nature Park near North Salem and Sodalis Nature Park near Plainfield.

Plainfield also has a top-notch trails system that you can learn more about here.

If you like to fish, you should read this post about the best spots in our county.

We also have compiled a list of our top trails in Hendricks County.

Dining at Home

If you want to stay in and eat at home but don't want to cook for yourself or simply aren't good at it, we have you covered there, too.

Check out our recommendations for best locally owned restaurants that deliver.

Plan for a Future Staycation

Having time to yourself should give you plenty of time to plan a future trip. But why spend thousands of dollars elsewhere when you can come to Hendricks County, have fun and save some cash?

Plan that next staycation by visiting our comprehensive website, order our packed Visitor Guide or take a look at our list of top events in the coming year.