If you are a regular reader of our All Access Hendricks County tourism blog, you may have noticed a slight change in the header above. We didn't make this change to keep you on your toes. It actually is more reflective of a larger organizational shift we've announced. As of today, the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau is no more. We now have a new name that perhaps is less confusing to both visitors and locals alike and better reflects what we were already doing. We are now: Visit Hendricks County! HCCVB_LogoRGBThe new 'Visit' tag has become a trend nationwide for tourism agencies like us. You may already be aware of some here in Indiana -- Visit Indy sound familiar? How about Visit Fort Wayne or Visit Bloomington? In each case, industry data has shown these changes lead to an increase in visitor information, which we believe is a direct reflection of people better understanding our mission of driving visits to Hendricks County as we continue to market this area as an affordable destination. We have a new logo. A branding campaign is also underway. Just know our mission hasn't changed as we will continue to pump out pertinent, insider information, tips and other nuggets on this blog and our other avenues to help visitors plan a getaway to Hendricks County, and who knows, even you locals may learn a thing or two from time to time.