It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here!

I'm proud to introduce you to the Visit Hendricks County Locals Guide. While it will remain part of our bigger Visit Hendricks County website and some of the information is and will continue to be entwined with our visitor site, I think every resident will find pages within this local site not only helpful and informational but beneficial to their daily life as a proud Hendricks County resident.

Let me take you on a quick stroll through this new resource so you can make the most of every visit. We plan to update the site daily as we do with our main site, so I highly recommend you bookmark it and check back often.

What You Will FindLocal homepage on laptop

Before providing a quick overview of the site, I want to start by saying how proud I am of our staff at Visit Hendricks County for putting this together. We spent the better part of the last five months brainstorming and then implementing our strategy to make this a reality. I hope you will appreciate the hard work and careful thought we put into every aspect of the site.

You can find the site at or at That homepage will help direct you to other parts of the website including:

While we consider ourselves experts in putting together an Events Calendar and providing insider tips on our county's attractions, we won't pretend to know anything about the latest road closure, upcoming local election or if a popular book is available at your local library, but our site will send you to the appropriate places to find all that information and more.

So, let's dig a little deeper to highlight some aspects of the new site we are most proud of.

What Type of Resident Are You?What Type of Resident Are You page on website

We realize everyone's time is precious. So, we wanted to take the guesswork out of navigating our new site by helping you find the information you and your family wants and needs as quickly and with as few keystrokes as possible. So, we designed this interactive page allowing you with a click of a button to tell us what information you are looking for.

Think of this as your road map to help get you started. We divided the options into different segments and age groups such as new residents, empty nesters and families with children.

What's New?

If you are that curious resident always wondering what's going in around the corner or what the food is like at that new restaurant, this is the section you will want to remember.

Keep in mind though, if that new construction around the corner is a gas station or apartment complex, you won't find details here. But if you want reviews on new restaurants, details about new parks, new shops or other attractions, this is the place.

We have a team of local experts scouring the area for the newest and latest attractions that would entice both residents and visitors. We will visit these attractions, write about our experiences and even tell the stories of the people behind the new business on our popular Hendricks County Insider blog and share those details on this page.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions on the Resources page

Each of our town, region and Hendricks County resource pages will start with some of the most frequently asked questions that we have heard countless times with answers specific to that area. I'd be willing to bet if you have a question about where you live, you will likely be able to find the answer there.

If your specific question can't be answered there, it likely can be answered even further down the page where we provide even more additional resources for Hendricks County. If you are a resident, I think you will find these pages invaluable to finding just about anything you might need.

More to Come

This new site will continue to evolve. We even have some additional aspects planned that should be added soon.

Our organization specializes in providing resources to help local couples plan a wedding. We also help event organizers, meeting planners and residents planning a reunion or birthday party or business owners planning a corporate retreat find the perfect venue in our county.

So, we plan to showcase that expertise on our local site as well.

Provide Feedback

I really could go on and on about everything you can find here, but I would suggest you head to the site yourself and check it out.

Once you are in there if you ever find any information that is either inaccurate or missing, please tell us by filling out the Contact Us form on the website, email us or call us at (317) 718-8750. We truly want this to be your site; that go-to resource for every Hendricks County resident that provides timely, accurate information.

But we can't do it without you. Please help us as we are All In This Together, Hendricks County!