And then there were four. Amo Pizza Shop, Frank’s Place, Pittsboro Pizza Shoppe and Rock Star Pizza advanced Monday to claim the final four spots in our Pizza Playoffs.Pizza Playoffs Incredibly, after two rounds and 11 days of voting our contest had tallied nearly 15,000 votes and hopefully lots of awareness and business for our 16 Pizza Playoffs contenders. We also continue to give away a number of free large pizza vouchers for those who vote and register on our website. Our remaining four hopefuls bring an interesting mix to the semifinals of the competition while representing five communities in Hendricks County. Amo Pizza ShopOn one side of the bracket, we have the two Cinderella stories. 10th-seeded Pittsboro Pizza Shoppe and 12th-seeded Amo Pizza Shop do have some things in common besides upsetting their competition each round to get here. Both represent small towns; both have been around for nearly three decades; and both have a loyal following. Neither would gain style points for the look of their establishments, but this isn’t a beauty contest. This is about good pizza, good people and good character, and both have that. On the other side of the bracket, two well-known, dine-in establishments will face off as No. 2 seed Rock Star Pizza with locations in Brownsburg and Plainfield takes on 8th-seeded Frank’s Place in Danville. Distinctly different than their small-town counterparts on the other side of the bracket, both Rock Star and Frank’s Place deserve their spot as they pump out fantastic pies daily as well.Frank's Place So, who will you vote for? Why not have some pizza this week and try them all out. Our third round of voting concludes March 26 when we will name our finalists. After another few days of voting, we will crown our Pizza Playoffs champion March 30.