Santa has officially hit celebrity status at our house. My 5-year-old daughter has already mailed him her wishlist: A DinoTrux Mega Chompin' Ty Rux, which leaves us only six weeks to listen to her repeat this wish over and over and over again.

I joke, but in all honesty it is fun to see her excitement build. Once she meets Santa, it will only increase.

Thankfully, Hendricks County has many options to choose from to see Jolly Ol' Saint Nick from the traditional sit-on-Santa's-lap-and-express-your-wishes to Breakfast with Santa to Paint with Santa to Santa with Ponies.

It may seem early to provide this list, but some of these need reservations. Be sure to click on the links provided for each one for additional information such as times, cost and whether you need reservations so you don't miss the one your child(ren) will like the best.

November 21 & 28

Santa in Danville, Indiana


  • Christmas at the Orchard: Like a scene from a classic holiday movie, Beasley's Orchard in Danville creates an old-fashioned Christmas in a rustic barn with a stone fireplace and festive decor all around. Kids can visit Santa while he sits in his antique sleigh.


November 27 

  • Christmas on the Square, Danville: A family tradition for many Hendricks County families including our own. This is the Friday after Thanksgiving and kicks off the holiday season for us all. Mr. Claus is typically joined by Mrs. Claus for a unique treat! 
  • Winterland Christmas Light Show: A MUST do - at least once this holiday season. Drive around Ellis Park in Danville and see hundreds of light displays. Visit Santa in the train station on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday night through Dec. 30. 

December 5

December 6

December 11 & 12

Santa with Ponies

December 19

With this long list, it's clear that Santa loves Hendricks County! Where will you visit Santa this year?