Hendricks County Parks

Our friends at the parks department will do their part over the coming days and weeks to bring some nature and even some humor into your lives.

Follow along with their resident box turtles as they take over the temporarily closed Nature Center. And get inspired and educated on ways to enjoy McCloud Nature Park even now during this time of social distancing.

Virtual Programming

With their Saturday in-person programming on hiatus until the state's quarantine is lifted, Hendricks County naturalists have begun hosting a virtual program every Saturday for participants to watch at home.

Click here to see their first-ever virtual program.

A Turtle Takeover

Uh oh!

With the McCloud Nature Center currently closed and the naturalists not on hand to monitor their activity, Terri, the park's Eastern Box Turtle, and Chrissy, a Painted Turtle, have taken over the center.

Make sure to follow along weekly to see what they are up to on the park department's Facebook page.

McCloud Nature Park Videos


Virtual Squirrel Talk

The Hendricks County Parks naturalists have begun to hold virtual talks that mimic the free programming they offer at the park on Saturdays when it is open.

Take a look at this video that focused on squirrels, and tune in regularly to their Facebook page for more virtual programming.


Virtual Red Fox Talk

Do you love those beautiful, clever red foxes that roam the Midwest?

Learn much more about this amazing animal from a Hendricks County Parks naturalist.


Listen to the Chorus of Frogs at McCloud

Our friends at Hendricks County Parks were able to capture this video and audio of the resident frogs at McCloud. If you need to get out of the house you can visit the frogs and see much more as McCloud remains open from dawn to dusk daily. The Nature Center and its restrooms, however, are closed.

So, get out of the house, get some exercise and enjoy some nature, but remember to stay safe and practice social distancing if others are also enjoying this scenic park.


Paw Paw Pathway

McCloud has become known for its scenic trails. The Paw Paw Pathway is one of the easiest to access from the first parking lot you come to at the park. Watch this video to get a taste for why you need to get out of the house right now and head to this beautiful natural landscape that will take you away from it all.