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Hendricks Live! Community Arts: The Children's Ballet Presents - The Golden Cuckoo

200 W Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168

(317) 754-5281

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  • Overview

      An evil spell has been cast upon a princess, turning her into a cold-hearted Queen Bird. She considers herself to be the most beautiful bird in the land. One day, however, while admiring herself in the royal mirror, she is shown a new, more beautiful bird: a Golden Cuckoo. The Queen sends her cat burglars to steal this new threat for her collection.

      At a nearby village toy shop, a shopkeeper waits for her housekeepers to tidy up following the day’s business. After she sends them off and puts away the toys for the night, she delights in her cuckoo clock and watches the figurines dance. Later that night, the cat burglars sneak into the shop to steal the cuckoo for the queen. As the clock strikes midnight, the clock figurines discover their precious cuckoo friend is gone – but has a left a feather trail. They set out on a rescue mission.

      Searching for answers, the clock figurines meet creatures in the forest who tell them three magic potions must be found to end the evil spell on the Queen Bird. Fairies, dragonflies, imps, flowers, and even the wind, all help the clock figurines get the potions. Meanwhile, the cat burglars arrive with the cuckoo at the palace, much to the delight of the Queen and courtiers. The Queen’s yellow, blue, and red birds, and her prized swan, all dance to entertain her. Just then, the clock figurines arrive and slip the potion to the Queen, who is transformed back to a lovely and kind princess. She happily grants freedom to all the captive birds, especially to the Golden Cuckoo.