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Pittsboro 1883 One Room School

310 Osborne Ave., Pittsboro, IN 46167

(317) 892-4001

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  • Overview

      Visitors don’t just learn about history at this group-tour favorite; they become a part of it. A schoolmarm takes guests back in time to a typical day in 1892 and treats each participant as if they were one of her students in this historic one-room schoolhouse built in 1883 that has become a group tour favorite.

  • Amenities
      Group Travel
      • Maximum Group Size: 30
      • Group Rates Available:
      • Comp Policy for Escort and/or Driver:
      • Motorcoach Parking: Nearby
      • Description: This One Room School is an authentic 19th century school building that takes you back in time. Enjoy the school marm/master as these educators are dedicated to providing an authentic period experience to visitors at this unique site. Allow one hour and a half for the workshop.