Julia Huckaba
Julia Huckaba

Julia lives in Hendricks County with her husband and three young children. A Florida native, she moved to Indianapolis in 2007 and has called Indiana home since. She is a former middle school teacher who has stepped away from the classroom to raise her young kids. After her family moved to Hendricks County in early 2020, she started ExploringHendricksCounty, an Instagram account where she shares their family adventures as they learn more and more about the great things Hendricks County has to offer. 

Best Doughnut Shops in Hendricks County

As a kid, it was always a treat to get donuts. We'd usually get them at the local grocery store bakery or even on the rare occasion, my mom would make them at home. Nothing fancy, but delicious. Today's donuts seem extra fancy compared to my 1980's…

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