Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Struggling with respiratory or skin conditions?

Or maybe you just need a little R & R?

Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg, Indiana, may have just the answer...with Halotherapy.  As soon as I stepped in the door I was greeted with soothing smells and knew I was in for a pampering experience!


Benefits of Halotherapy at Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

Ellen Grant opened Salt Breeze Wellness in July 2023 to share her love for holistic wellness through halotherapy.

Halotherapy involves inhaling salt-infused air and the benefits are numerous. Many people use halotherapy to ease respiratory conditions and skin issues, but it can also help with stress, anxiety and even jet lag! 

Salt Cabin

Salt Cabin at Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

There are four different private rooms to choose from at Salt Breeze Wellness, each with its own form of relaxation and benefits.

For my first visit, I tried out the Salt Cabin and it was so relaxing! Just sit in the comfortable chair while you calmly breathe in the healing salt air for 40 minutes.

Red Light Therapy - Vitality Room

Red Light Therapy Room at Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

Another option is the Vitality Booth, which offers Red Light Therapy, along with Halotherapy.

As you may have guessed, Red Light Therapy involves exposing your skin to low-level red light to rejuvenate it and provide several other therapeutic benefits.  

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna at Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

If you are ready to sweat out some toxins, you can choose from two different infrared saunas at Salt Breeze Wellness.

The HaloIR Sauna combines Halotherapy, Infrared Therapy, and Aromatherapy, while the Clearlight Sanctuary 3 Sauna provides full-spectrum Infrared Therapy.

Refreshing water and towels are provided to make your sauna experience truly luxurious. 

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Calm Room

Calm Room at Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

How does 20 minutes of peace and quiet sound?! If that sounds like paradise, then book a session in the Calm Room.

Lounge in the tranquil setting and let the deluxe massage chair melt away your tension.

Getting Started

Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

Ready to give Salt Breeze Wellness a try?  Treat yourself to an Introductory Session.  For just $25 you can choose one of the four options above.

Then do what I did after my introductory session and purchase $25 gift cards for loved ones who could also use some pampering!


Memberships & Packages

Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

Single sessions can be purchased, but the greatest value and benefits come from repeat visits.

A variety of memberships are available from four sessions per month to unlimited daily visits. Packages of 5, 10, 15, and 20 sessions are also a great option for those wanting to buy in bulk and save. 

Discounts are also offered for First Responders, Veterans, Teachers, Seniors (62+), and they even accept HSA/FSA payments.


What You Need to Know

Salt Breeze Wellness in Brownsburg

Hours change with the season, so check the website or call for current hours. All rooms are private unless you choose to bring a friend and each purchase a session.

Dress comfortably and be sure to expose any skin that you want treated. With the sauna, less clothing is best and wrap towels are available.