Throughout my travels, I've enjoyed spending time in several Amish communities, and one thing I can always count on is amazing baked goods! 

Hendricks County, Indiana, is by no means an Amish hub. However, Rise'n Roll Bakery in Avon serves up tons of sweet treats that are made and delivered daily from the heart of Indiana's Amish community.  

Delicious donuts, pies, cookies, and more are shipped in fresh every day from Rise'n Roll's central bakery in Middlebury to more than 10 Rise'n Roll locations sprinkled throughout Northern and Central Indiana...including Avon!

The Owners

Brittany Mijanjos, Owner of Rise'n Roll in Avon

Brittany Mijanjos and her husband Jhonthan took over ownership of Rise'n Roll in Avon in December 2022. The couple has been raising their three children in Avon for 15 years and Brittany was excited to put her restaurant experience to work when they purchased the established Rise'n Roll franchise.

The Donuts

Rise'n Roll in Avon

You will likely be overwhelmed by the variety of donuts offered at Rise'n Roll, so go ahead and get a dozen (or two) and sample to your heart's content. With cake, glazed, jelly, and creme-filled options (just to name a few), it won't be hard to fill a box and satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your household.

The chocolate frosted with peanut butter filling made it to the top of my favorites list on my recent visit! YUM!!

Award-Winning Pastries

Rise'n Roll's Award Winning Cinnamon Caramel Donuts

You absolutely must try Rise'n Roll's cinnamon caramel donut, which comes in both rings and holes. Voted America's Favorite donut for three years in a row by the Underground Donut Tour , these melt-in-your-mouth treats are seriously addictive! Rise'n Roll actually took home 10 awards in all.

Amish Baked Goods

Rise'n Roll in Avon

The initial draw may be the donuts, but Rise'n Roll actually has a full Amish market. Their selection of baked goods includes a wide variety of cookies, pies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, muffins and breads in both sweet and savory varieties.

Specialty Items

Rise'n Roll in Avon

On my latest visit, I was delighted to see that Rise'n Roll is also now offering macarons. Boxed in a fun sample pack of 6, these made the perfect Mother's Day treat for my macaron-loving mom!

Fruit-filled fry pies are yet another tempting option on the menu at Rise'n Roll. No need for a fork with these hand-held, made-for-one, pies you can eat on the go.

Allergy Friendly

Rise'n Roll in Avon

No worries if anyone in your crew has an allergy. Rise'n Roll has you covered with a variety of tasty gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free options.

Check out the refrigerated case as well as the rolling cart for a wide assortment of Katz brand donuts, cookies, other other snacks, ensuring those with allergies never have to miss out on tasty treats when you visit Rise'n Roll in Avon.


Boba Drinks at Rise'n Roll in Avon

Wash those sweet treats down with some Hubbard & Cravens coffee or tea or opt for a fancy latte. Milk, hot chocolate, nitro, cold brews and a variety of bottled beverages are also available. Rise'n Roll in Avon also now offers Boba drinks in a ton of fun flavors!

Dine In, DoorDash & More 

Rise'n Roll in Avon

You can opt to grab your baked goods and go or sit a spell in the spacious shop. Rise'n Roll is the perfect place for a meetup, and the owners plan to host more community gatherings in the near future, including a book club, toddler hour and seasonal events.

DoorDash and UberEats are also great options to get Rise'n Roll's treats brought right to your door!

Deals & Discounts

Rise'n Roll in Avon

For the price-conscious customers looking for a good deal, be sure to check out the Fresh Yesterday selections at the back of the store. These baked goods will still satisfy your sweet cravings, and you'll save 30 percent! Rise'n Roll also offers daily discounts including a 20 percent Senior Discount on Tuesdays and Free Cookie Friday (while supplies last).

Gift Baskets & Special Orders

Rise'n Roll in Avon

Gift-giving is easy at Rise'n Roll with a custom basket filled with baked goods and jars of jams, jellies and other canned delights. And when you have an army to feed, be sure to call a day or two ahead if you want to ensure you can score more than four dozen donuts of a favorite donut or specialty baked goods.

Rise'n Roll in Avon

Rise'n Roll in Avon