Throughout my travels, I've enjoyed spending time in several Amish communities. One thing I can always count on is amazing baked goods! 

Hendricks County, Indiana, is by no means an Amish hub, so I was intrigued when I learned that Rise'n Roll Bakery in Avon is a locally owned franchise of the famous bakery in Middlebury, Indiana, which happens to be in the heart of Amish country. 

The OwnersRise'n roll counter

Rachelle Naaman and her husband James are the proud owners of Rise'n Roll in Avon. And they were brave enough to take on this business venture during the middle of a pandemic!

James has been in the food industry for many years, and Rachelle has an accounting background, plus plenty of management experience after being a stay-at-home mom of five. They have lived in Plainfield for nearly 30 years and decided Avon was the perfect central location in Hendricks County for their Rise'n Roll Bakery.

Initially planning to open in early 2020, they hit pause when COVID emerged. But they believed in this venture enough to take a chance, and Rise'n Roll opened in August last year at 9263 E. U.S. 36 in Avon in the strip mall that houses Monical's Pizza, Bangkok Kitchen and Yats.

Rachelle shares that it has been challenging, but the bakery has been very well received by the community. 

Due to COVID, they didn't get to host a big grand opening, and they had to adjust their layout and seating plans to maintain social distancing, but business is good. Rachelle loves when their tables are full watching people enjoy their donuts while sitting in the shop. 

Central BakeryRise'n Roll mugs

The baked goods are not made in-house at the Avon store, but rather are shipped in fresh every day from the central bakery in Middlebury. But don't let that deter you! 

Any doubts about the freshness of Rise'n Roll's products can be put to rest with just one bite. (And I dare you to stop at just one!) This also guarantees you will get the same quality products made from passed-down Amish recipes at any of the 15 Rise'n Roll locations sprinkled throughout Northern and Central Indiana. 

The Amish commitment to quality ingredients, strong work ethic and family values is evident at every franchise. That equates to mouthwatering taste sensations...and rest on Sundays. So be sure to satisfy your cravings with a visit to Rise'n Roll in Avon from Monday through Saturday. 

DonutsRise'n Roll donuts

Being the committed blogger I am, I did quite a bit of research...the calorie-laden kind! I'll admit to being overwhelmed by the variety of donuts offered, and my eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach. That worked out really well for a few of my neighbors who I blessed with some samples of their own!

They all replied with rave reviews!

I can honestly say that everything I tasted was mouthwatering and almost indescribably good...but I'll give it a try.

Rise'n Roll is most known for its cinnamon carmel donuts, which come in both rings and holes. I opted for the holes and downed a few in the car on the way home. These melt-in-your-mouth treats are seriously addictive! The cinnamon carmel donut with apple filling was also delicious and could easily be served as a dessert.

I literally caught myself making yummy noises as I sampled my way through my box of donuts!

I sampled the basic glazed and chocolate frosted as well as the more unique options you won't find at other donut chains. The chocolate peanut butter donut was just as fabulous as it sounds, and every variation of donut that included carmel icing was sinfully good. With Valentine's Day approaching, the seasonal offering was a chocolate-covered cherry donut, which is sure to win the heart of your sweetie.

While it is very hard to pick a favorite since they were all so tasty, I'm going with the Bismark Crunch. This donut is iced with Rise'n Roll's trademark carmel icing and then sprinkled with bits of their crunch candy. I've never had a donut like it, but I can guarantee you that won't be my last Bismark Crunch!

The crunch candy is made with just nuts, butter and sugar and is similar to toffee. When you pick up your donuts, you'll also want to grab a bag or two of crunch candy, which comes in a variety of nutty options.

Baked GoodsRise'n Roll cookies

The initial draw may be the donuts, but Rise'n Roll Bakery actually has a full Amish market. Their selection of baked goods includes a wide variety of cookies, pies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, breads and more.

The lemon crinkle cookies were so soft and absolutely delightful. I can't wait to try the peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies.

Standard fruit pies are available, but I have my eye on the sour cream blueberry pie, which Rachelle said is similar to a cheesecake. You can also find dinner rolls and breads in both sweet and savory varieties.

Sit a Spell or Get It To Go Rise'n Roll seating

Many shoppers these days opt to grab their baked goods and go. 

Do you just need to fuel up yourself or are you feeding the whole family, team or office? Either way, you can get single baked goods or pick up donuts, sticky buns and cinnamon rolls by the dozen.

Even the pies come in two sizes, so you can always opt for the smaller one and eat it all yourself. No judgment here!

When feeding an army, just be sure to call a few days ahead so Rachelle can order extra to feed your crew.

The spacious shop does offer a handful of tables for customers to sit a spell and enjoy a cup of Hubbard and Cravens coffee, tea or hot chocolate along with their sweet or savory snacks. Nitro and cold brews are also available along with bottled beverages.

You will often find samples of the newest seasonal offerings at the counter, just begging salivating customers to try yet another taste sensation.

Savory Options

If your sweet tooth needs a rest, Rise'n Roll also offers several savory options. Enjoy the new breakfast muffin made with eggs, ham, and cheese. Or stock up on fresh butter, summer sausages. cheese curds, specialty popcorn, beef jerky and more. 

I hear the cheese balls are especially good, so keep that in mind for your next gathering.

Wall of JarsRise'n roll Jar Wall

You can't miss the wall of jarred goods where you will find a vast array of preservative-free jams and jellies as well as some unique finds.

From pickled beets to a variety of mustards, pickles and more, the jar wall is a favorite among the more seasoned customers who know a little something about the fine art of canning. 


For the price-conscious customers looking for a good deal, be sure to check out the Fresh Yesterday selections at the back of the store. These baked goods will still satisfy your sweet cravings, and you'll save 30%!

It took me about 3 days to eat all the donuts I purchased from the main counter, and the first bite was just as delicious as the last. So you can bet this bargain shopper will be feasting from the Fresh Yesterday section on her next visit.

If you are still reading this article then you have some strong willpower! What are you waiting for? Head to Rise'n Roll Bakery in Avon for a sweet treat right now...and tell them Traveling Tanya sent you!