Spend the Holidays in Hendricks County

Whether you're finding the perfect gift for someone on your list at one of our locally owned stores or attending an event that brings you back to simpler times spent with family, there is just something about Hendricks County during the holidays that seems magical.
  • Holiday Gift Guide
    Holiday Gift Guide
    Still haven’t found that special gift? Let our Holiday Gift Guide help you!
  • Things To Do
    Things To Do
    Hendricks County is the place to be for a weekend getaway-or even longer.
  • Restaurants
    Sure hope you're hungry in Hendricks, because we have so many restaurants for you to try. From family-friendly diners to restaurants with an international flair, we have the locally owned eateries to match your traveling companions' tastes.
  • Shopping
    In Hendricks County, you can shop for items as uniquely original as you are! Whether you're drawn to the character of antiques, the exclusive discoveries of local shops or to the allure of the latest in fashion.

What’s Happening in Hendricks County

Just 10 minutes west of Indianapolis, we’re the perfect destination getaway or stop along the way! You can always find something new each time you visit. Get a taste of the good life, from Rural Routes to Main Streets, Hendricks County offers you affordable activities for every age.

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