Owning one small business has its challenges. Mother and son duo Chris and Mike Grady are the proud owners of three small businesses in Hendricks County, with the latest endeavor being the purchase of The Fudge Kettle.

The Grady duo make owning a small business look like a piece of cake (or candy!)

New Owners 

With all of the incredible choices that fill The Fudge Kettle, it's hard to choose just one thing

Chris and Mike Grady began small business ownership with the opening of Whiskey Bent Bar and Grill in Avon. They have expanded the bar to now include catering. The partnership was so successful they opened 1824 Pizza and More in Danville. 

When Chris heard The Fudge Kettle was for sale, she consulted with Mike, and they jumped at the opportunity to continue The Fudge Kettle's success.

The Gradys took over ownership of The Fudge Kettle on May 1, 2023.  

Fudge Kettle History

The Fudge Kettle's current storefront

Since 2020, The Fudge Kettle has grown from being fudge picked up on the porch of original owner, Andrea Snyder, to a small storefront in the Prestwick area to its current expansive storefront in Avon.

The new location gives customers the opportunity for an entire day of family fun in one strip mall:

Signature Fudge & More

Chocolate mint swirl fudge from The Fudge Kettle

Using the same technique and copper kettle passed down from previous generations, the store's namesake is a delight you must try while you are there even if you don't think you are the biggest fan of fudge.

So smooth and buttery, it seems to melt in your mouth. The Fudge Kettle has a variety of flavors on hand that change regularly. The storefront always carries a few tried-and-true flavors like peanut butter fudge and peanut butter chocolate swirl. You can check their Facebook page or call them to see what they have available before visiting.

After the Grady family took over ownership of The Fudge Kettle, turtles, a candy made with pecans and caramel dipped in chocolate, were in such high demand that their supplier could not keep up.

They now make their own milk chocolate and dark chocolate turtles in house.


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Freeze-Dried Candy 

Freeze-dried gummy worms (Photo courtesy of The Fudge Kettle FB)

In recent months, I have noticed the freeze-dried candy craze hitting social media.

Mike Grady wanted to see how it would go over at The Fudge Kettle, so he purchased freeze-dried Skittles from his supplier. The Skittles sold so quickly that he knew he needed to make the investment of purchasing their own machine to create the candy on site.

The machine, which they have humorously named Tina, works hours on end, removing the moisture from just about any kind of chewy candy.

The process intensifies the flavor and changes the candy into a cereal puff consistency. While Skittles continue to be the most popular candy to freeze-dry, you'll also find gummy bears, SweetTarts, and even suckers that have been through the freeze-dried process and are many times their original size.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I sampled some of the freeze-dried candy, but I was blown away at the amplified flavors of the candy. It was much tastier than I expected, and my plan is to sample some new kinds of freeze-dried candy on my next visit to The Fudge Kettle.

Nostalgic Candy

Nik L Nip candy (Photo courtesy of The Fudge Kettle Facebook page)

The spaciousness of The Fudge Kettle’s new storefront allows for plenty of space for my favorite feature of the store: the nostalgic candy.

Youngsters will enjoy all the variety of current candy from companies like Albanese, Taffy Town and Jelly Belly, among others.

However, the older generation, like myself, will not only crave but recall vivid memories growing up with all the nostalgic candies like Necco Wafters, Buns, Boston Baked Beans, French burnt peanuts, rock candy, Valomilk and Nik L Nip wax bottles.

Or how about old-fashioned cinnamon balls, lemon drops and the always popular candy cigarettes?

More Additions 

Colorful displays fill The Fudge Kettle's storefront

The Fudge Kettle is now open all weekend long, with new hours on Sunday from noon-5 p.m.

They also offer special ordering all year long. Chocolate-covered Oreos and pretzel rods are popular selections for those celebrating weddings, graduations, birthdays and more. Let your creativity flow, as The Fudge Kettle is open to your ideas for special orders. Contact The Fudge Kettle to place your special order.

My family would say that I am a soda addict, so I was excited to hear The Fudge Kettle now has its very own fountain soda machine. Enjoy the bubbles in your soda as is, or make it extra special with the flavored syrups to top off your refreshing beverage.

In addition to changes in store, you will find The Fudge Kettle out and about in the community. This year you might have seen them selling their treats at Avon Marching Band Night, craft bazaars and community festivals. Their calendar for next year's events is already filling up quickly with events scheduled in Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg and beyond.    

Local Artisan Products

Local artisan marketplace

Chris and Mike Grady continue to keep The Fudge Kettle's handmade marketplace fully stocked with various items made by local artisans. They even added more vendors to their storefront.

The artisan stock changes regularly but generally includes earrings, T-shirts, mugs, keychains, crocheted animals, candles, stickers, handmade cards, ornaments and much more.

The Fudge Kettle