How We Help Our Restaurant & Local Store Partners

Visit Hendricks County values our restaurants and shops and will continue to work to promote your business.

We strive to help our new and existing small businesses get in front of residents and visitors in a variety of ways including with your own page on our popular website. 

To be included in our online directory, your restaurant or store must meet the following guidelines:

  • Located in Hendricks County
  • Have a storefront open to the public
  • Actively promotes to, and attracts, out-of-town visitors
  • Is locally owned and is not a franchise or chain

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, we are here to help. Contact Us

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How We Help

Here’s some ways Visit Hendricks County can help our locally owned restaurants and stores:

  • Provide personalized page for your business on our website. To request a page on our website, click here
  • Feature your business in our popular Visitor Guide for locations open for at least a year. Guides are placed in hotels, handed out at events and mailed to thousands of visitors annually. To request guides to hand out at your business, click here
  • Land Indianapolis media coverage as well as other local and regional exposure in newspapers and on television, radio and popular blogs to help promote your attraction
  • Highlight your business on our Hendricks County Insider Blog, within our email newsletters and on our social media channels
  • Refer groups and event planners to our restaurants, catering opportunities, shopping destinations and more
  • Add any events you may be hosting to our popular Events Calendar. To learn more or submit an event, click here
  • Provide expert knowledge in a variety of ways including with Google Analytics, social media, press releases and much more to help you promote your business
  • Work with a trusted Google company to educate our partners on how to best utilize their My Business Listings

How We Have Helped Partners

Assisted in helping Rockstar Pizza survive a pandemic with promotions on our website and social media channels and landing them regional media coverage about their keto offerings. "You could say we are still here because of VHC." - Colby Mathews, owner.

What We Need to Promote Your Business

  • Send us updated professional photos or videos for your listing and for us to use in any promotions on our website, in our newsletters and on our social media channels
  • Authenticate your account on Crowdriff Connect, which is a visual marketing platform we use to discover and request rights to photos featured on social media feeds. Crowdriff Connect provides us easier access to our partners photos, stories and mentions allowing us to request the rights to use that content and amplify its reach by exposing it to a broader audience
  • Submit any news you have to share about your restaurant or store to us for possible publication in one of our email newsletters, on our social media channels or other potential promotions
  • Check your listing periodically on our website to make sure all the information is current and accurate and let us know when you make important changes, such as hours of operation, website, services, etc.
  • Provide us any discounts or specials your restaurant or store is offering so we can help promote on our discount page on our website or through out social media channels.

Resources for Small Local Businesses

Contact Us

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Senior Manager of Content and Communications
Phone: 317-718-8750 ext. 105