Hendricks County has a handful of great and delicious local donut shops. But Al's Donuts in Plainfield is one that stands out. 

In business for decades, Al’s Donuts recently changed ownership but their recipes have been passed along to the new owners, and it continues to be a local landmark.

Ed and Miley Price bought the business late last year but they are not new to the food industry or Al's Donuts. They've been regular customers for a long time, and they have been owners and operators of Lazy Jay's Kettle Corn food cart for years.

When not at Al's Donuts, you can find them at the Hendricks County 4-H Fair and a lot of the local farmers markets.

Updated Payment OptionsAl's Donuts now has cash or card options!

I kept hearing I needed to bring cash to check out Al's Donuts. Anyone who would recommend it would speak highly of their baked goods but then follow it with directions to stop by an ATM before you stop by the donut shop as it had always been cash only.

On my first visit, I followed those directions to grab cash before grabbing the donuts only to find they recently added electronic payment options. 

So, one of the first changes implemented by the new owners is a good one. 

You can now pay with cash or card at Al's Donuts! 

Get Up Early!Al's Donuts in Plainfield, IN

Historically, Al’s Donuts was open 2:30 until 9:30 a.m. or until they ran out! They've since changed to more reasonable hours at least for me. There summer 2023 hours are 4:30 a.m. to noon or until they run out, which can and does happen because this place is popular! 

I tried to grab donuts on a weekday around 11 a.m., and they were already closed and sold out. So, make sure you get there early! 

You can also call before heading over to see if they've updated their hours or if they're still open for the day. 


The LocationWelcome to Plainfield sign at Al's Donuts

Al’s Donuts is located in historic downtown Plainfield. It’s easy to find just east of the Oasis Diner on U.S. 40, and there's plenty of parking behind the building. 

Make sure you check out the side of the building while you are there. You will see an iconic "Plainfield" mural by Kylin Brown. It's a fun mural that you can see as you drive to Plainfield from the west side of town.

There is another fun mural in the parking lot by another local artist, J.D. Bills

It's also close to some of Plainfield's trails where you can take a walk or ride a bike. 

Our ExperienceA Dozen Donuts at Al's Donuts

We've gone a few times and each time we've enjoyed great donuts.

On my most recent trip, I ran in by myself early on a Saturday morning. There's only a few tables but they were half filled with patrons that seemed to be regulars since they all were enjoying each other's company.

Not surprisingly, I also noticed a steady flow of people coming in to grab some donuts for the weekend.

I picked out a few sprinkle donuts, twists and filled donuts, and they were all fresh and delicious. I asked the owner, Ed Price, what his favorite was and he said for years he'd stop in and grab coffee and a yeast donut on his way to work but that they were all great. 

This is definitely a place to check out. Donuts and the small-town, welcoming feel that oozes from Al's makes this a place you need to experience!

Insider Tips

  1. Get there early or call ahead because donuts don't last long!
  2. Call to confirm hours. For the summer 2023, hours are 4:30 a.m. to noon, Thursdays to Saturdays 
  3. Check out Plainfield after your visit. There's so much to see. There's even trails nearby if you want to take a walk after you grab a donut.