Mask Up & Carry On

It is time for everyone to do our part!

Visit Hendricks County in conjunction with the Hendricks County Health Department and the Hendricks County Community Foundation, is asking you to wear your mask to keep kids in school, to keep local businesses open and help keep everyone you come in contact with healthy.

We can't do it alone. Remember, we are All In this together!

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Hendricks County Indiana Store

Buy your Hendricks County mask, shirtphone or laptop case, mug, throw pillow, notebook, and sticker

Personalized 'Mask up' Sign

Pick your favorite 'mask up' sign, download one with your town or the county name, print it, then hang it at your business, event, or office.

Don't see your town name? Let us know here, and we'll send one to you.

Share Your Mask Up Photos!

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