After a two-year hiatus, the town of Plainfield, Indiana, has re-introduced the county’s first bike sharing program, Pedal With Plainfield.

This program rolled out in September 2019, but was shut down when the global pandemic hit six months later. The town announced this week that it was back.

The Pedal With Plainfield Bike Share Program has doubled both the number of bikes and the number of docking stations compared to the previous program. It includes 30 bicycles docked at one of six stations located throughout the Town of Plainfield. The bikes are available to anyone who wants to use them.

Docking StationsPedal With Plainfield docking station

The bicycle docking stations can be found at the following locations:

Not only do the trails link the town's beautiful parks, but the Plainfield Town Center is within walking distance of these trails. You can access parks, restaurants and shops via these trails. 

As long as you can find a bike at one of the stations, you can enjoy a beautiful afternoon on a bike with some friends and family.


Crop of Shopping at Perry Crossing

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Why Relaunch the Program?Get out and enjoy the trails on a bike

Being physically active is increasingly challenging as we all become busy with families, careers and school. Bike sharing provides an opportunity for users to be physically active, utilizing the existing trails that connect to key destinations in Plainfield.

Town leaders knew all along this was an important mission and even before the pandemic had planned to increase the number of bicycles and docking station locations.

They see it as a short-term bike rental for those who may not have access to a bike, and it encourages physical activity as people explore the ever-growing town of Plainfield. Research shows that biking for transportation and recreation lowers rates of obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer.

How Does It Work?Pedal With Plainfield Bike Share Program

It’s pretty simple. Download the "Koloni Travel" app to your phone and use it to unlock a bike at any of the docking stations listed above. Enjoy your ride, and take care of your bike by locking it to any available bike rack when making stops at public places. 

You can rent a bike for free the first 30 minutes and will be charged $2 for each additional hour. Riders also have the opportunity to pay a membership subscription rate.

When you are finished with the bike, return it to any dock and end your ride on the app.

It’s even easier now to plan a day of exploring the town of Plainfield by bopping around to parks, shops and restaurants using the bike sharing program. What a perfect, stress-free way to enjoy fresh air and see the beautiful town of Plainfield, and all it has to offer.