A couple weeks ago, I shared my five favorite places to see fall color in Hendricks County. I've since discovered a new location:  Burnett Woods Nature Preserve in Avon.

Burnett Woods Nature Preserve in Avon, Indiana

Located on County Road 100 South, just east of Dan Jones Road, Burnett Woods is an 80-acre Indiana State Dedicated Nature Preserve that is owned and maintained by the Central Indiana Land Trust. Their purchase of the land was made possible by a gift from Ruth Burnett.

Burnett Woods is chock full of black walnut, oak, hickory, maple and tulip poplar trees, which are currently displaying rich, beautiful autumn color. It's also full of native wildflowers and shrubs that provide a different kind of beauty in the spring.

My daughters and I ventured into Avon one fine fall day in Hendricks County to explore Burnett Woods. We found that the best option is to park at the Avon Light and Life Free Methodist Church located at 8264 E. County Road 100 South in Avon. Park behind the church next to the softball diamond and walk in a southeast direction across the grass toward the road. You'll run right into the entrance to Burnett Woods.

Boot brush station as you enter Burnett Woods Nature Preserve in Avon, Indiana.

We discovered that there are two trails there: A 0.5-mile blue trail and a 1.2-mile red trail. Both trails are loops, so there is only one entrance and exit to the nature preserve.

Before you start hiking, there is a boot brush station asking visitors to wipe their shoes before progressing further into the nature preserve. That seemed like an odd request, since it's an outdoor trail, but a sign at the station explains why it's so important to clean your shoes: it keeps seeds from invasive plants like Japanese Stilt Grass and Garlic Mustard from being introduced to the habitat.

So we dutifully wiped our shoes on the boot brush and headed into the woods. 

We opted for the blue trail loop, since my daughters are 8 and 7 years old. The trail is well-marked with blue dots painted on a few trees along the way, as well as signage that keeps hikers going in the right direction.

Burnett Woods Nature Preserve in Avon, Indiana, explodes with fall color.

The blue trail is a flat, easy walk filled with brilliant colors of fall foliage. The multiple types of trees provide a wide array of yellows, red and oranges that envelop you as you walk.

As you progress through the woods, the traffic sounds fade away and the peaceful sounds of nature take over. We saw squirrels and chipmunks as we hiked, and we discovered several different animal tracks.

It was a fun walk through the woods, and my daughters enjoyed it, too. Being familiar with the local terrain, my guess is that the red trail is also flat -- just a longer loop -- so we'll be back to Burnett Woods again.